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    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    Rock, Metal, jazz, blues, country and what ever else....................... if you had to pick three guitars to cover all styles of playing which guitar models would you pick?? I forgot to add this would be electric guitars ( acoustic guitars are a whole nother topic )
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    do you feel that upgrading the pickups and leaving the original pots gives you less improvement in tone?? just wondering?
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    Playing technique questions

    for the last eight years I have resumed playing the guitar. and for the last three years i have been having increasing problems with my picking/ strumming hand thumb. (osteoarthritis ) for the last two years I have been having cortisone injections in the joints. but this has been working less...
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    Why is the Classic so much cheaper than the others?

    Are Burny guitars still made? Burny Today As mentioned, Burny is still making these guitars in Japan. However, some of these are manufactured in Korea and China. Most believe that the Korean/China made Burny is identified through a 3 screws truss rod covers.
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    Why is the Classic so much cheaper than the others?

    then what would you suggest to replace an LP at a cheaper price point ? ( when I say replace I mean getting the same sound, play-ability and something that looks that good) ?
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    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    air/temp differences, its the reason the 'don't open the case' became a thing when going from one temp to another, and still lingers on in some minds any truth to this ?
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    Psychological issues with LP's

    when i got back into playing a bought an epi Lp from e-bay pictures looked good, checked the productiion year with epiphone. then ordered it and it came with major damage right by the jack. went round and round with the owner who tried to talk me into filing a damage report with ups ( also...
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    Psychological issues with LP's

    buying used, it's hard to tell what kind of life the guitar has had before it came up for sale. Yes, some one who is very experienced can find a great deal, but the newbie can easily get burned and end up with a bad guitar that he paid way too much for. if you go to GC you at least have some...
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    Epiphone Fret Wear

    if you actually play your guitar there is no way to avoid fretwear forever. No, i agree that given time everything on a guitar will need replacement. but it is a question of dod i get money's worth out of the guitar. and is aftermarket investment in repair and/or up grades worth it
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    Epiphone Fret Wear

    I do a lot of fretwork and Epis don't have worse quality frets than Gibsons or other guitars. Question: how much is a fet job on a guitar with neck binding?
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    Epiphone Fret Wear I was looking at gibson LP's asemetric neck vs thin taper. I came away not liking the gibsons so much but in compairison i found this ( by accident ) I do like my epi LP but I got one that has...
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    Psychological issues with LP's

    thet are secound hand for a reason, "someone elses problem they gave up on" like used cars "buyer beware"
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    Epiphone Les Paul FAQ

    in the last few years epiphone has made the statement that they have made a lot of improvements in the quality and workmanship that goes into the epiphone line of guitars. does the group feel this is a realistic statement or does epiphone still put out guitars with inconsistant quality ?

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