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    Reseller Top Grading or Gibson Factory Grading

    Talk to a wood grader and you will find out that the top grade is 3A. 4A, 5A, Mastergrade are confections of the guitar industry. In 2013, there was a little scandal when a Gibson dealer, on his own volition, graded the Historic Grade 7A! 7A is pure confection, of course. Do a search for 7A...
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    Reissue cases: True Historic vs. the rest

    Yes, that was a topic in 2013. Sometime after May 2013, the case went from 5 to 6 latches. I have R9s made before May 2013 and after May 2013. Being practical-minded, I use a Hiscox Pro II case outside the house. I plan on getting a Calton Case one day. The Lifton-style is good for storage or...
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    Lifton Case And Cracked Tuner Knob

    caloyburger, nice top, nice colour. The lifton case offers no protection. It is a nice piece of anachronism or nostalgia but practically useless for carrying your guitar safely. i store my R9s in them in the home studio because I can't afford to buy a separate case for each of them. I bought a...
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    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Very nice but on a minor note that huge not-at-all-subtle Wildwood plaque on the side of the case is an eyesore. I would demand a change of case to a "historically correct" standard Lifton-style.
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    NGD: 60th Anniversary R9 - Kindred Burst

    Congrats! Curt showed it to me but I was not looking for a dark burst. Kinda regretting it now seeing how happy it makes you. Play it in good health.
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    Is This Normal?

    +1. The Reissue cases are crap because the originals were crap. The original Lifton cases were cheaply made cases. Crappiness is historically accurate. This is one way of making you pay more to get less, for crap, all in the name of Historic Accuracy. Please don't use the supplied Reissue case...
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    Why are the older "True Historics" worth more than the 18's & 19's?

    If memory serves, the 2015 True Historic 9 had a MAP of $8999, up from $6499 of the 2014 R9. Sellers are trying to recoup the premium levied on a TH. Individually, you may find a nice TH9, TH8 or TH7. You can say that of any Historic made. Whether the upcharge on a used TH is worth is paying...
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    Wildwood Spec 60th Anniversary ‘59

    Some folk love buying from WW; there ain't nuthing wrong with that and WW do get nice stuff. WW would never sell a new R9 to me at MAP!!! Never! WW offered to sell it to me at $200 below MAP! And I had to pay cash. Man, I don't know about you guys but $200 could sure buy me a lot of strings...
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    2019 Factory Burst

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    '19 R9 NGD!

    That's a righteous tone, brother! I love that hollow vocal quality. Play it in good health. I stopped buying with a 2014 R9 in 2014. Time to give Curt a call...Any good ones in Dirty Lemon or Golden Poppy? I have fallen off his list due to...ah, inactivity:rolleyes:.
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    Has Anyone Gone From a Historic Back to a Standard or Traditional or Others

    I have Tokai for those times when I don't feel like swinging out that Historic for "rich old men who only play at home". I put black tape over the logo à la Barney Kessel. Nobody knows... That said, there are nice USA Standards. But for the price of a new USA Standard I would rather look for a...
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    CME historic guitars: whats the deal?

    Yeah, maties, the CME prefixed serial number was a deal killer for me. It just turned me off them. A pity as they are very nice Lesters otherwise. The bone-headed Gibson R-prefix is another turn-off. For me and bone-headed me only, these guitars have a lower resale value. Serial numbers don't...
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    NGD - Gibson Les Paul R9 1959 Lemonburst VOS

    That looks dishy and HAWT!!
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    Brazilian Rosewood is great but my 2013 R8 with Indian is as dark as any Brazilian I have seen.

    No chance to play a Braz board one yet but the 2017 and 2018 BRW-boarded ones on Youtube have that hollow vocal wah-wah quality that I really like. Is it the Braz-board or are the pups for the Braz run just wound and lightly potted that way? There is a used 2018-already-Braz LP demo-ed by Greg...
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    NGD: untouched 2001 '59 Historic Reissue

    Nothing of value in that stock harness? How about the OP just finding that it sounds great as it is? I question your nothing of value proposition, just because it is stock and has no fancy names. If the OP finds it unsatisfactory, yeah, sure, try changing the harness. That is not the case here...

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