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    Marshall 1983 JCM800 2204 vertical input EGNATOR MOD

    I may be necroposting, but did you ever sell this bad boy?
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    1972 Ampeg B-15N Portaflex bass combo amp

    For sale, 1972 Ampeg B15N Portaflex combo. This is one of the last of the tube rectified models, before they went to solid state rectifiers. The tube compliment are: 1x 5AR4, 2x 6L6GC, and 3x 6SL7. The head was purchased from the estate of Larry Rogers (, and...
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    Epiphone Valve Junior w/Mercury iron

    Epiphone Valve Junior - Modded with Mercury Iron (PT, OT, choke) and an Eminence Patriot Delta Demon 10" speaker. There are also some board mods, which I did not do, so I haven't bothered to identify them, lol. It does sound damn good for a little bugger. Cab was cut to accommodate the larger...
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    1965 Fender Reverb - $850, shipped

    OK - update - found a nice period correct Gibbs tank & swapped it for the Accutronics. Also returned tubes to the original factory configuration with the 6K6 and the 12AT7. Sounds even better now. Same price, $850, shipped to the lower 48.
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    1965 Fender Reverb - $850, shipped

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    1965 Fender Reverb - $850, shipped

    1965 Fender Reverb. Date code OC, March 1965. Transformers dated 443, 421, choke 431. Filter caps have been changed and the rest of the circuitry looks untouched. Reverb tank (USA made Accutronics) looks recent. Presently running a 6V6 power tube - I bought a 6K6 for it, but honestly, the V...
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    1982 Fender Super Champ - $750 shipped

    1982 Super Champ. 2x6V6GT, 18 watts, 10" speaker. Circuitry looks original. Chassis looks dented on left front corner, no operational effect, just cosmetic. Shiny bits have been replaced. Everything works as it should. Compact and loud - perfect for small gigs and bar jams. Ampwares will give...
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    1969 Fender dripedge Princeton

    Sold, BTW. Gone down under...
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    First '84 Spotlight I've ever seen

    I thought they were all made in '83. Maybe there's a few more than 213 out there - this one's 84 009... 1984 Gibson LES PAUL
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    FS: Accutronics Reverb Tank

    What amp or amps is this intended for?
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    NVGD : 1956 Les Paul Junior

    Nice find, Jaik!
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    WTB: Vintage Fender knobs for blackface amp

    You should look up Tony Van Note does great rebuilds and likely has just what the amp calls for. Like new, only older.
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    FS: 1958 vintage Les Paul Special - TV Yellow (Refin)

    Any interest in doing a trade around some vintage Fender amps?

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