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    Just Looking For Car Color Opinions (Poll)

    Keeping it the correct Blue is exactly what the restorer is going to advise you to do if historical end game value is important to you. That’s of course depending if you keep the car stock as it came from factory. As soon as you start going the resto mod route all that stuff goes out the window...
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    Anyone ordered from Creamtone in the last week?

    Yup everything came in with no problems.
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    RIP Charlie Daniels

    Everyday I log onto MLP looking for the Keith Richards RIP thread but still no dice. Seriously the man is immortal and everyone else keeps going upstairs. I need to understand how a guy that lived like Keith just keeps going and going
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    For those who have watched Andertons TV for a some time... VOTE!!

    Crappers moved to Malta and hopefully will stay there. His douchbaggery is well documented in the past few years over his money lust. Dude literally had to hold a kiss and make up summit outside of NAMM because he made so many enemies since starting his guitar company and strayed from what...
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    Partsgeek rant..

    Super nice and typical of Ford to put a frequently serviceable part such as the alternator in place where its destined to fail. It sees nothing but abuse located so low on the engine. When the CV boot on the axle fails and slings grease into it you’ll get to enjoy doing that job all over again
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    Done with CreamTone

    I was on maybe the other CreamTone thread and had some concerns about my order taking awhile too but said I had heard things were hard on Lonnie just like everyone else recently and I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough everything I ordered showed up just fine albeit a little...
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    Bizarro World 2020 The year of the Po Po Pedicure

    Saw this today and its so surprising I don’t even know what to think of it yet. But it just makes me wonder what unusal thing will we see happening next?
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    Switch a short neck tenon into a long tenon

    Don’t go doing none of that to my guitar Clark
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    Does this seem suspicious to any of you?

    No extra charge for the broken glass in the pick up cavity
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    More than just a Minnesota Thread....a second chance at MLP greatness!

    These guys knew how to handle things in the neighborhood
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    Broken lug on switchcraft 3-way toggle.

    So with your extensive guitar repair experience you needed to come to a forum to ask if a $10 switch can be repaired? That strikes me as odd... Ut oh did I just become a double N?
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    Looking for info on 6ca7/el34 tubes

    Your tubes are in fact RFT tubes made in germany. East Germany specifically. Many times you’ll hear them as being made by Siemens also as they had a distribution deal with RFT. They are easily identified by the unique dimple in the top and are called dimple tops by a lot of people. National was...
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    Launch Day!

    Love him or hate him you gotta respect the hell out of Elon Musk and all that he has accomplished in just half a lifetime. Truly impressive what SpaceX pulled off with I believe 1.5 billion less than Boeing had to work with and left Boeing in the dust. Word has it what has significantly delayed...
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    Launch Day!

    SEND IT !!!!!
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    Looks like it’s Atlanta’s turn tonight

    Yes definitely a recipe for disaster...bunch of teens and 20 somethings that have been on lockdown for weeks are discovering something to do this weekend and it gonna get worse before it gets better sadly. Utter insanity and proves nothing and wastes everything. I don’t envy being one of these...

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