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    Sold. 2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s AAA Lemon Burst.

    These are killer guitars. Good luck with the procedure Troy.
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    FS: Fender JV Modified '60s Custom Telecaster

    Bump. No trades, but price is OBO
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    jokes & funnies.

    At least they're up front about their intentions, and there's no beating around the bush with them.
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    Woman in in love with a plane.

    Maybe this time her relationship will really take off.
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    Woman in in love with a plane.

    No wonder her love life was always up in the air.
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    Well that was something unpredictable. In the end, think he'll feel he did "right"? I hope he had the time of his life.
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    I got pulled over last night. F the police, and their F'n quotas.

    Them dam 5-0 will get ya every time. Don't they know they work for us, and not us for them? The nerve.
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    How to hide on a farm?

    What was his beef?
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    $OLD: Orange OR15 head cover USA Only

    I just happened to pick up a used OR15 yesterday. I'll take it!
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    The bike thread

    Thanks! It's just bruised up pretty good now. Knocked the wind out of me for a couple seconds, but thankfully no broken ribs or punctured lungs. I was going through a rock garden, took the wrong line over one of the rocks and front tire went straight into a hole on the other side. Bike went down...
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    FS: Fender JV Modified '60s Custom Telecaster

    Putting up my JV Modified '60s Custom Telecaster in Firemist Gold. All stock, comes stock with 4 way switch and push/pull knob on tone knob for lots of tonal options. Also comes stock with Gotoh vintage style locking tuners. Will come with original Fender gigbag. Nice dark rosewood board, soft V...
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    Row vs Wade

    Y'all are a bunch of paddlers
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    The bike thread

    I fell and got the handlebars slammed into my sternum over this past weekend. Fun times.
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    jokes & funnies.

    This is at a local trail:

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