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    Using Higgins India Ink to darken a streaky ebony fingerboard

    I personally love that streak in the ebony, but it does look like you did a good job of using the ink. Would be interesting to see how it holds up in the long run. Have a picture of the whole guitar?
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    1960 reneck LP

    Didn't even take notice of that heel at first, lol
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    Frozen guitar

    I was going to make a similar comment, but I just decided to let it go...
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    NGD: 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.. with a twist

    Nice! I used to have a 13 that looked almost exactly like that
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    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    Great to hear you like the guitar. It sure is a nice one. I'm assuming you meant it's NOT coming from a dealer who is unethical/uneducated?
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    1960 reneck LP

    Thoughts on this? I have my doubts about it.
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    1959 special dc cherry for possible sale/trade

    I think it's a good price too!
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    $1,995.00 Chibson

    Ebay just removes the listing. It's up to the registered copyright/trademark holder (in this case Gibson) to pursue pressing charges.
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    Proper Way To Lift Up A Les Paul?

    C'mon guys, you know you're supposed to lift it by the body so you can properly submerge the neck and board in water....
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    Proper Way To Lift Up A Les Paul?

    Challenge accepted
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    2008 Gibson Les Paul

    It's fine
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    $1,995.00 Chibson

    I did contact the seller, I got the reply "Sorry don't know Thank you"
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    Proper Way To Lift Up A Les Paul?

    The string tension puts more pressure on the headstock/neck than you picking it up does.
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    $1,995.00 Chibson

    I reported it. Please report it to Ebay as well.