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    I am a Murphyless SOB.

    I have only played (and owned) 2 Murphy Labs (a 58 LP and a 64 335), so my experience with them is limited, but both are absolutely, without a doubt, better than any previous Gibsons that I have owned (and I've owned a lot over the past 35 years). Both were purchased online, so I didn't get to...
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    Murphy Lab Owners Thread

    Got my second Murphy Lab yesterday - a light aged 58 LP in Lemon Burst - and it's amazeaballs! My first ML is a light aged '64 ES-335 in custom ordered Watermellon and it's equally great. I hate the prices on these, but I do have to admit that they are damn fine instruments.
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    Post your Gibson ES here, all models.

    2021 Murphy Lab light aged '64 ES-335 in Watermelon.
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    A small rant about Gibson pickups from a Gibson fan

    Almost all - Page said he used a Flying V for “You Shook Me.”
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    I turn 50 next month. Been playing and gigging since 1985 - got my first Gibson in 1987, but didn't get my first Custom Shop Gibson - an SG - until I was in my mid-30s and didn't get my first CS LP until I was 40.
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    Tell me about the recent years' (2015 onward) 1968 LP Custom Reissues

    Thanks, Dan - R8 and R9 necks are my favorite carves...though, as an SG fan, I can also get along with some slimmer necks, as long as they're not too skinny (my 2019 SG '64 RI is perfect).
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    Tell me about the recent years' (2015 onward) 1968 LP Custom Reissues

    I can't find any in stores in my area, but am intrigued by the '68 Customs. Am I correct to assume they are a blend of R7s (maple cap) and '57 Customs, with witch hat knobs? Anything else set them apart from the pack?
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    Cost of 2011s seem low($3700-ish). Why?

    It is a little known fact that Gibson destroys their entire wood supply at the end of every year, so that the next year's year's guitars can be built from an all new supply. They also alternate years on buying good wood and bad wood from their suppliers. (Sorry, I realize I am a little late for...
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    R4 GT - price?

    No one is saying that 2012's in general sound crappy (they are like any other year - a mix of good, bad, and in-between) - but the layered rosewood board has absolutely affected their value. Whether random people on the internet have experienced this hit in value is irrelevant - it's still a...
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    R4 GT - price?

    There were a number of significant spec changes made to the Historic line from 2013 through 2017. Aniline dyes, removal of truss rod condom, hide glue on neck joint/fretboard (2014 on)/maple caps (2017), new Custombucker pickups, and other little tweaks. The 2012's (with few exceptions) have...
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    R4 GT - price?

    I paid US $4200 for my 2017 GT R4. Could have paid a bit less if I haggled more, but didn't want to lost this particular guitar. No way in hell would I pay $3000 for a 2012 with its two piece fretboard, trussrod condom, all Franklin Titebond glue, etc. The 2017s have most of the True Historic...
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    what was the first gibson you purchased

    1986 SG '62 reissue.
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    Because I love Gibson guitars and have played them since I was 14 years old, you dimwit!! I didn't have any meltdown over the THs - it was fa**ots like you who did!! Chronic crybaby Gibson haters on the "MY LES PAUL" forum are the ones who should get a ***ing grip!
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    Which is essentially the price of a Gibson USA LP Traditional, which is the direct descendant of the original Les Pauls. Historics are CUSTOM guitars made by the CUSTOM SHOP and, as such, there is an upcharge.
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    Guitar Store Advice

    Does Rudy's even carry Gibson anymore? When I left NYC several years ago, a salesguy there told me they were no longer going to be a Gibson dealer. Even when they did carry Gibson, their stock sucked. The Music Zoo has plenty, but dear lord, the prices!!! House of Guitars would certainly be...

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