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    WTB with $1400

    Got an 07' Les Paul Studio Fireburst, $750 shipped.
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    fans of gridlock vote, i'll masturbate and it'll be about the same thing.
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    All or nothing?

    I wish I knew what the original source for this wisdom was intended for...but thanks!
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    There are two kinds of people in the world...

    those with cheezy punchlines and those who wanted to get it but waat, wait i guess to define more.... those with the accepted, and those with their own opinions no matter how deviant
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    ****, almost left this group 10 times trying to find the new whatever part. shouldn't curse according to new rules or somethin' but i havent been here in awhile so gimme some amnesty was gud mlp? Uhh just posted that on Teen Axe Dudes. It's been so long, but I'm eager to hear the...
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    How do you "cool off"

    I've gotten that feeling less than 20 times in my life. Smoke more weed :dude:
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    I got to try out some Firebird X's

    It doesn't hurt to experiment. Don't be so scared of change, imagine how Les was handled after he strapped pickups on a log.
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    Anyone Smoke Electronic Cigarettes ?

    I've used my friend's. Honestly, they're a very bad step. 4x the nicotine, and so much easier to get away with smoking round the clock because it hardly smells at all. You don't feel much in the throat so you take huge drags to feel like your smoking. The worst part- it tastes so good...
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    Selling an Epiphone LP Custom: do Korean models get more?

    I'd say ask $450 and try to get your $400. Standard Epiphones go for $300 all the time, I think you can get $400 for that with after market pick ups.
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    Sell Blues Deluxe and buy Rebel 20?

    I have a blues deluxe, I have a rebel 20. Both are obviously completely different, but either way it's apparent that the deluxe just doesn't get as heavy as you want it is my guess. The tweaker doesn't distort well?
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    GQ Magazine Calls Boston 'Worst Dressed City"

    This is Gq. And they are damn correct as far as fashion actually goes. But now you guys are going to argue how the current top fashions aren't actually stylish, and you prefer your dad jeans and hoodies. Let the fashion buffs stick to what makes them happy, and they'll let you continue talking...
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    All or nothing?

    Which to pursue? Seriously.
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    Ignore List

    Sinmastah's on there, I didn't like his posts almost 4 years ago when I was 14. It's hilarious looking back on it. The other was the chick that had that lesbian sex thread? Both added years ago and I've been too lazy to take out
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    THIS is why I should have gone to a better grade school

    You ever figure your mom went through worse than you with your father, she was married to him, is now raising you alone? Or whatever, I obviously don't know. You're both affected by the same problems, I'd try to talk something out. Otherwise you've always got college ahead, after you leave high...
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    Neighbor hood streets

    "Is this an early bong night for you?" I'm not sure who said it, but it about sums up why humans suck.

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