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    Telefunken m80 mic

    I can't comment on the Telefunken. However, I've gone away from 58/Beta 58 and my vocal mics are entirely Sennheiser 945's. They sound fantastic, requiring little to no EQ, you don't have to eat them, and good singers can work the mic depending on dynamics much easier than the 58. The 945 is...
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    LR BAGGS ANTHEM vs K&K pure mini

    I've tried almost everything going way back to the early nineties Fishman and LR Baggs. Now I use the Anthem SL exclusively. If you aren't getting a sound you're happy with it's either installed/adjusted wrong or you're doing it wrong. In my view, it's the best acoustic guitar pickup on the...
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    What PAF type pickups would be best for me?

    I've been retrofitting some guitars with Suhr Thornbuckers and really like them. You might want to give them a look.
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    Looking for a great 1x12 combo

    I bought a Dr. Z MAZ 18 on a whim and I'm in love with the thing. Great clean and dirty tones regardless of whether I'm playing a Fender, Gibson, or Gretsch. It's also a great pedal platform. Frankly, it has become my go-to amp. I have several other boutique amps that now sit around until I...
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    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    Where can I get me one of these? Do they have more?
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    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    I'm puzzled by anyone who thinks Gibson's are higher quality than a PRS. Gibsons have a history of problems QC while PRS has mastered it. Also, it's really weird that you give an opinion on a guitar that clearly required setup. It's a very rare thing to encounter a PRS straight from the factory...
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    It's weird seeing folks write about soulless CNC-built guitars and quality issues with PRS. Gibby's have been built on CNC's for years and have been historically hit and miss from a quality perspective. Both companies do the final neck fit by hand. Knocking CNC routing is insane as it brings a...
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    Counterfeit "Jimmy Page" On Chicago Craiglist

    It's clearly a solid wood and resembles the maple I see in Les Pauls including those I've built. Also the tenon looks like a short tenon design which Gibson eventually employed.
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    What has happened to Taylor?

    Taylor guitars definitely have a sound. However, it's a great sound for recording and live use. I have a 414 30th Anniversary that is thee best acoustic I've ever owned. Its sound gets better as it ages. Taylor makes excellent guitars that are consistent. They have the manufacturing process...
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    Solo boost pedal allocation

    If you're using a Tube Screamer as a boost then put it before your dirt pedals. Virtually any overdrive pedal can be used as a boost but I love Tube Screamers for this application. I think using it as a boost in this fashion is one of the reasons Tube Screamers are so popular.
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    Pores in Nitro Finish, Is This Normal?

    It's ridiculous that a guitar for that kind of money wasn't properly level sanded or grain-filled. It's also weird that some of you think that it's ok for a brand-new guitar to have the flaws of a 20-year-old guitar. This was poor QC pure and simple.
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    Epi poly stripper... my project for your viewing pleasure. Going bareback.

    I have the exact same guitar with two cracks running up the fingerboard from the headstock. I'm sure the guitar was dropped but it's undermined whether the cracks are finish only or if the headstock is broken. I've been thinking about performing this operation just to figure that out. The guitar...
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    Grain filler

    I'm going to try out that Simtec stuff. You guys ought to look into the 3m Accuspray system. It features disposable nozzles and cups. The nozzles vary in size from tiny to huge so you can spray anything. Cleanup is a breeze. Depending on what you are shooting you can reuse the nozzles a few...
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    My collaboration with Grover Jackson

    Needs a Bigsby. ;) Yeah I'm on this site too. Really it's a phenomenal guitar.
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    LP headstock overlay

    Good points and I mostly agree. If I'm going to sell a guitar I'd never put a manufacturer logo on it. If I'm making a copy for my use and not for sale then I don't think it's a big deal.

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