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    Help dating Marshall Lead 12 - sn#18195P

    Thank you! I appreciate your responses. I really like this little amp.
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    Help dating Marshall Lead 12 - sn#18195P

    Thanks! I did date the Celestion speaker after posting this, it dates 14 DEC 1982. But I was a little unsure cause these amps are listed as 1984-1992 prodiction.
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    Help dating Marshall Lead 12 - sn#18195P

    hello guys, I’ve been looking for a small amp to have kicking around, no effects etc...just a mobile amp so I saw a nice Lead 12 for $75 bucks so got it. I’ve been all around the interwebs trying to figure how to date it but can’t figure it out yet. All I found for sure is these guys were...
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    Who has the Blues: Post em

    here’s my 2018 Manhattan midnight classic (satin), such a sweet guitar, didn't know Id like the satin as much as I do. :acoustic:
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    Puerto Rico

    well that was something... Let me tell you, you read a whole lot in the news, fiscal crisis, now hurricanes won't find a country more resilient. I am from Puerto Rico, left 10 yrs ago before this whole "exodus" thing started, wasn't planning on. There was an university recruiter in...
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    Facebook troubles

    These are the kind of things that newbie FB users go through...I have an account but deleted the app, I got tired of it, I don't like how you log in and it shows you a "memory", that's how they get you! ...seriously though you should have seen it coming.
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    Replacement Tubes for OR Micro Dark Terror

    Thanks guys, I'll check for the connection later today it was odd...worked fine in the morning but in the afternoon just didn't "have it" I thought my kids played with the settings again but felt dry and without sustain. Didn't have time to check it yesterday so today/this weekend it is...
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    Replacement Tubes for OR Micro Dark Terror

    What are some good tube replacements for this little head? I turned it on last night (and this morning just to confirm), it sounds like my vol knob is down to 6 or so...or like a cable half plugged you know...I read this means a tube replacement is due so that's where I am. I appreciate the...
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    Treasure Hunt

    I live in Albuquerque, heard about this a few years ago...I'm not savvy enough to deal with these outdoors yet but if I did it I sure wouldn't go alone. I would do it more to go out and explore etc...than some treasure that may or may not exist which you might not have ownership if its hidden in...
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    Far Cry 5

    This thread sure makes me want to get into FC3 again...I got it...started playing it (really liked it), but the HD on my PS3 died...replaced it and never played it again...I have a few games I got when the price was right and never really did much that's one of them. I recently finished CoD...
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    Incredible Revelation

    Agreed...though I only have a PODHD500 I can relate, my patches are not just by style but based on the guitar I play...NOW opposite to you I stopped having that problem once I started using my Micro Dark more it seems to fit my guitars and my overall playing style very well. Once I stop having...
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    Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez hangs himself in prison

    jeez...all these replies, is this a 2015 Les Paul thread?! RIP.
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    I can't play fast enough

    I say just try to play it fast, forget about accuracy...just get practicing until you are fast and accurate! maybe not the best suggestion but that's how I did it, no metrome or nothing, I'm self taught though so the learning GAPS are huge! I was all about lead guitar when I started, now I focus...
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    another reason to not fly united...

    This is nuts, there should be no ground to defend United, terrible move on their part...who in their sane mind..(it wasn't just 1 cop, the others could have spoke up, same for the airline staff) would actually beat up a passenger for not leaving the seat they rightfully paid for...?! Also...
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    The Ultimate First World Problem

    I just buy a bunch of normal pillows...not too fluffy...not thin etc...they all feel different every night so I grab that one that feels RIGHT when I go to bed! :D

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