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    Gibson Flying V white

    Thanks man ahah and what is a Canuckese? :p anyway , no I dont have the e/2 anymore I prefer mahagony guitar so I traded it for a SG reissue 61 and it fits me a lot more So bump !
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    Gibson Flying V white

    Hi ! I'm selling ( or trading ) this flying v . The guitar has been lightly used during two last year , it's pratically mint so make me an offer or Id like to get 900 $ or other guitar of same value send me a pm or write to me at [email protected]
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    SG standard vs SG 61 reissue

    A gibson Explorer E/2 CMT ... I really want an SG lately and I'm not able to sell this guitar so the trade would be good I think
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    SG standard vs SG 61 reissue

    I really dig the tone of the SG standard 'cause it's kinda large low and heavy like a my explorer ...lately I've been offered a trade but it's a Sg 61 with 57 classics ...will it sounds really different ? thing is I'm scared it won't be heavy enough so if I change the pickup for the same as the...
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    2001 Marshall Superlead 100 watt 1959SLP

    Hey would you like a trade for a Gibson E/2 Explorer ?
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    f/s Gibson Explorer E/2 CMT

    Bump make me a cash offer if you want we can surely work something !
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    Gibson Flying V

    Hi I have this Flying V I bought myself at last christmas,played it 10 h max and made a half hour show with it. Tuned up by a well known luthier in quebec that retouched the side inlays near the 12th fret ( can take a pic of it but I don't have one right now ) and come with the OHSC. The guitar...
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    f/s Gibson Explorer E/2 CMT

  9. HugoLC

    f/s Gibson Explorer E/2 CMT

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    f/s Gibson Explorer E/2 CMT

    So I have this guitar and there's something with it that doesn't fit with me. This guitar was owned by Northwinds before and I know it's a real cool instrument but not what I'm searching for. The guitar comes with two set of pickups, when I bought it I receive it with Seymour Duncan P-rails in...
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    Les Paul Reissue 1968

    Godamn I would kill to have a 68 in white a great heavy guitar that looks perfect
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    Les Paul Reissue 1968

    Do they still do these are they easy to find if I go to a shop and want one they'll be easy to command ? I want one so bad
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    F/S: Gibson SG Silverburst Ebony Board Coil Split

    Sure you don't want a trade ? I've got a Gibson Explorer E2 CMT 1981 I think with two set of pickup I could exchange you it's a really great guitar but I'm dreaming of one of this SG
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    FS: 1996 Gibson LP Standard Vintage Sunburst, 2007 Gibson R8

    Do you think you would trade it for a Gibson Explorer E2 ? I don't have all the information about that guitar but strangely it's the guy just above me who sells it to me haha I changed the pickups for Surh Doug Aldrich and it would come with Seymour Duncan P-rails too ! just ask for pics...
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    My new Gibson Explorer E/2 CMT little clip

    So here it is YouTube - HugoLCrr's Channel and here is a picture of it as my bedroom was dark and oh I know it will not be what most of you would do with this kind of guitar but it scream I love Explorer for Groove Metal the music won't be the cup of tea of everybody but try to enjoy !

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