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    Anyone who plays heavy gauge strings needs punched in the mouth

    Recently put some 12 flats on an LP to work on trad jazz. It's a workout on the fingertips (esp since classical has turned them to girlie fingers), but the tone seems to be there enough that I'm in no hurry to buy a 'box just to play jazz. That said, it probably would have been worthwhile to...
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    What're you fat-fingered guys doing to form an open A Major chord?

    1-3/4" nut. For an A with open E, I'll always do 2-3-4. Same basic fingering as for a Bb or B, making it much easier to move between them. And considering it a little further, I'll use 2-3-4 for open E as well (I guess, 3-4-2 really). Essentially you're reserving 1 for barring, minimizing the...
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    Gogol Bordello show!

    Dig them, and my kids dig them. Only chance to see them here though was at a lame-azz festival.
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    What's the oldest car you ever had as your daily-driver?

    Had a 64 Falcon in the 90s for a while. Wasn't fast or cool or anything though.
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    What's the oldest car you ever had as your daily-driver?

    Interesting. Been thinking about trying to see if there happens to be a fuse just for that over zealous little light, but a little tape may do.
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    Powered speakers for stage monitors

    Umm. Right. Carry on.
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    What's the oldest car you ever had as your daily-driver?

    91 Accord wagon. We've owned it for about 15 years. Has been our backup car for most of that time, but now trying to sell our newer car (just not using it enough). The Honda shows something like 225k on the clock, but the speedo has worked only intermittently for the last 5+ years. So it's...
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    What's your opinion of songs that fade out vs just end

    One of my music teachers called them the "pop" cadence (rather than ending the song on a specific harmonic progression). But to be a (post-Sid) Floyd fan, and hate on them? Come on, they're a huge part of the style. They put all the little fiddly bits between songs because you're supposed to...
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    Powered speakers for stage monitors

    Looking at the specs, they're actually biamp 125W+50W, so not too unreasonable for power. My concern will be more for the bass response - they're only good for 90hz. Probably fine for vox, but not much more. Price seems good, and they're current enough to be not much risk if you decide not to...
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    If you played in a full on METAL BAND \m/ \m/

    Was thinking, LED's haven't been brought up, maybe could be done in a cool way. But then found:
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    If you played in a full on METAL BAND \m/ \m/

    Or something Giger-ish (although I'd go more abstract, as imho his best stuff is in the style, but you're not really sure exactly what it's supposed to be).
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    If you played in a full on METAL BAND \m/ \m/

    Maybe a strandberg 8: Or something custom carved and painted. A skull probably sounds a little lame, but what if the neck were done as a sword, and the body looked like a skull with the sword pierced thru it? Warlock for sure, but maybe a little dated and/or obvious. Mock is my fave BC...
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    Looking seriously at careers, not just jobs.

    Automation is a ways off. A much more immediate problem is outsourcing/crowdsourcing. Engineering and a lot of IT are more and more going to join the gig economy. In 5-10 years, companies won't be hiring (in US or UK or India) for a lot of the tech jobs they do now, they'll be posting gigs...
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    Fusion Guitar?

    Weird. Thought I posted this yesterday... $256K, pretty good for a plastic guitar. Just shows how much people will buy stuff if the ad is slick enough. For me, the bridge is the most interesting thing...
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    Fess Up.. How many of you had one of these?

    Can't say I did, but it could be made comfy if using a semi-squishy foam, no?

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