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    Gibson Led Paul KM 1979

    Yes, there has been lots of mods to this one (maybe even refined. Hard to tell from photos)- and it is a bit overpriced. On the other hand these guitars are great, and this one´s more of a players grade than a collectors item - so if you like it, it may be a keeper. But, if you buy it to sell it...
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    Does the Ibanez Artist have a Les Paul tone?

    I don´t think my Artist (´78 - 2619) sounds like a les paul, it´s great in its own way - but no les paul in my ears.
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    Need info on this pickup! Tim Shaw???

    No, its not a Shaw. These are called Dirty Fingers
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    Vintage Ibanez ARTIST- The BEST Other Guitar Design Ever made?

    Here´s my 1978 Ibanez Artist 2619 - I don´t think it´s soundwise comparable with older Les Pauls, but it has got a thing of its own. Really "classy-feel" and its a great guitar in many ways. It´s a bit heavy, but I kind of prefer that instead of too lightweight guitars. Designwise? well, it IS...
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    72 Custom side dots

    Might be refretted and because of that, the original binding was lost/destructed and new, not original binding/dots was received.
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    NGD: My Guild Starfire IV ST Arrived Early!!!

    Seeing your guitar brings me down memory lane. I had a red Starfire (´65) in the late seventies. Cant remember what thickness of neck it had, but it rocked well and had this woody tone. Wish I had it now, sold it for a months rent back in the day. Someone made a good business deal, and it wasnt me.
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    a buddy's '71 goldtop

    That´s a beauty!
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    Maybe a philosophical question

    I dont get along well with newer Les Pauls. At least so far. I have tried a few and I didnt like them. In my teens Gibsons were way too expensive for me, so I played other brands. But I remembered once in the local music shop in ´74 - when the owner let me play a Deluxe and it was something...
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    NGD (Matsumoku) Westbury Standard

    Congrats! These are well-crafted guitars.
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    Les Paul Bass

    If you consider a Thunderbird, they also came in a short scale version (2011).
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    A Devil In Disguise

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    A Devil In Disguise

    This is a 1998 Ibanez Jem555. Original it was black. It was stripped to partly "naturalish" by former owner. The guitar felt good in my hands at start, but - it didnt suit me so well soundwise - it did not marry well with a marshall amp in my ears. It was too "nice". I am sure the original pups...
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    Les paul identification help!

    Yes. Its an S.M. These came out in 1980 and you dont see them very often. The ones I´ve seen before this one all had a TP-6 tailpiece, but they might have come with this one aswell (or somebody has changed it) Maple neck, dot inlays on the fretboard, belly carve on the back, and no binding at...
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    NGD - 1st Vintage Ibanez !!

    There are a few dings and scratches that doesnt show so well in the photos, but overall - yes, she´s in very good shape for a 38 year old. I have only had her for the last three och four years. It is the kind of guitar its easy to hang on to.
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    NGD - 1st Vintage Ibanez !!

    Here´s my 1978 Ibanez Artist 2619 I really like this one, sounds and plays great. I do not think it is comparable with a Gibson Les Paul though - otherwise than you can feel its a really "classy" guitar. It is a different thing soundwise.

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