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    Gibson Amps

    Thanks man...the wife isn't so thrilled. I guess ive always been kind of a combo guy...
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    Gibson Amps

    They are cool amps...and can sometimes be found for pretty cheap. Here is my 1957 GA-5. I picked it up for 300 bucks. And here she is with the rest of the family...
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    Got my first tube amp!

    Very true. Congrats
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    Good amp tech in the Roanoke, VA area?

    FWIW Joe Kolla in Richmond is great. I've used him before and he's great. Joe Kolla - The Tube Amp Guy - Richmond, Virginia
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    Great CL Deal - Richmond VA

    It sold already...FWIW 1600 or so.
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    Great CL Deal - Richmond VA

    also - not mine....and I wish I had the cash.
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    Great CL Deal - Richmond VA

    Here is a great CL deal on an '09 standard in ebony. 1,000 bucks
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    Vintage amp value

    Yeah. Ask anyone who has tried to sell a decent piece of gear lately...the market is way soft. I'd prolly ask 1500 and take the first legitimate offer over a grand. :dunno:
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    Signature Guitars Really Worth The Extra $$$?

    This signature guitar is amazing...:thumbs:
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    Another champ

    Cool man. Can't wait to see your progress.
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    Slash Tone for $699

    I guess I don't understand why people think: if I buy X signature amp I'll sound like them. Take it for what it is - 2 channel EL34 powered 1x12 combo...If you like the specs then get it, if not no big deal. :dunno:
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    Still on the hunt - Studio Lite

    Good luck with the search. I've got one in vintage sunburst and I love it.
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    Vintage Speaker Repair

    Can anyone recommend someone that repairs vintage speakers? I've got a mid 50's Jensen Alnico 5 speaker that needs some attention. Gracias
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    Help me find my first tube amp (per sticky)

    I would also say to not forget possible tube or speaker swaps for an amp you choose. If there is something specific you don't like - flabby low end or whatever - maybe try another speaker. Also I'd go used if at all possible. It open up the range considerably and will help get you a better...
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    Did Orange discontinued their Retro 50 ?

    I believe so. Orange's fb page yesterday said they have like 2 remaining in the US.

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