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    Falling down the "Hey Joe" rabbit hole

    I had no idea there were so many versions of this song , especially early on. It's interesting to hear how it evolves, though many are very similar. That rhythm guitar - so familiar from something else but I can't place it. Needles and Pins? Early Who?
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    Amp stands. Benefits? Who uses them?

    Guitfiddle is right on this I think. The castors on 4x12s do the same job as a stand - they decouple the cabinet from the floor. My main amp was 100 half stack, Laney 4x12 without castors. The majority of sound techs at gigs would put my cabinet on milk crates (venues always had them for this...
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    I just realized this The Cars song is a The Beatles song....

    There is an historic link between Stairway to Heaven, Greensleeves and I Wanna Hold Your Hand, via Pachelbel's Canon. The link is a 1500's chord progression called Romanesca! The twist with these 2 songs (and especially the Beatles) is the fact that the iii from Pachelbel's Canon is III in the...
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    Is my band asking too much?

    This is right in my experience. Also, look at it this way: in an ideal world, you start with a concept, which becomes words, which gains a melody and becomes a tune, which is then harmonised and given a groove. Because, what's our mantra as guitarists? Support the Singer. So how can we...
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    Pickup angle question?

    @cooljuk Just because something is traditionally done, even by professionals, doesn't mean it is the optimal way. We see this all the time, particularly with music. The Emporer's New Clothes syndrome. Factually incorrect statements, such as yours get parrotted ad infinitum by people not...
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    Pickup angle question?

    Haha! ok FINE! Seriously though, that's a good point - leave the threads alone that will actually go through the foot. There is plenty of bolt to bend though, and even longer on LP's:
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    Pickup angle question?

    @CerebralGasket please explain, in your own words, what can happen if you bend the pickup mounting bolt in this application. It is ludicrous to assert that there is a 'proper way' - there are simply 2 types of Les Paul in this world - those with pickups parallel to the strings and those...
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    Pickup angle question?

    Or if he likes the sound as it is, then maybe 100% pickup angle issue. I have my neck pickup pretty high - it's the bees knees!
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    Pickup angle question?

    Another way to deal with this is to bend the screws that that hold the pickup to the plastic ring. It doesn't take much of a bend. In reality, you *might* only need to bend one of the screws per pickup, and that will be enough to act on the angle of the whole pickup. The pickup will now...
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    Warren Huart Vocal Track

    Thought this might be of interest to some. It's one of Warren Huart's vocal tracks to practice mixing, etc, but it only came with an acoustic track - it's nice, but I wanted to add my own guitars and it got a bit full, then I took out the acoustic and I liked the space. Anyway, I thought I...
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    What is "tube tone"???

    For posterity... Question: Why is there a difference in Tube and Transistor sound? Answer: Engineers and musicians have long debated the question of tube sound versus transistor sound. Conventional methods of frequency response, distortion, and...
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    String Butler on a Gibson Les Paul?

    Back in the day (Medieval era), you would get thrown in a dungeon if you abused the Kings ears with sour devil's notes. Possibly hung drawn and quartered with head hung over city gates. Anyway, look at the head angle! :eek2:
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    Sound Illusions

    I have heard these illusions. I like them. I haven't tried your chords, but I have experienced this often when recording. Sometimes I write in a 'brainstorm' style, overdub lots of quick takes of different guitar parts and then cut away what I don't want afterwards. Quite often, on playback I...
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    How do you straplock your Les Paul?

    Yes there is! You don't need straplocks - UGLY+MONEY+FASHION ITEM+CAN FAIL (IMHO) For the way I do it you will need a fairly stiff/ thick leather strap. It works better with a narrow strap (my preference), but if you have a wider strap, you can use the optional holes as in the diagram below...

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