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    1990's LP Classic natural finish

    Pretty sure if any dealer told the folks at Gibson that they didn’t know how to do a sunburst finish, Ol’ Henry J would have made sure they weren’t a dealer any longer :rofl:
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    Replacing Grover Rotomatics with Kluson Revolutions

    I replaced some old Gibson deluxe tuners with the Kluson Revolutions. Definitely an upgrade on tuning stability and feel. That being said, they are heavy. As far as being an upgrade to Grover’s, I’d say don’t even bother. If you are looking to reduce weight, the revolutions are a heavy tuner...
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    Neck breaks off but fretboards is fine?

    Agree 100%. Some people think buying a used guitar means buying mint/new at a seriously discounted price. No, it’s used. This whole issue was on him. He came and picked up the guitar in person. It was HIS responsibility to inspect it then and there. OP, you’re a good man, much better than I am...
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    Original 59' on reverb.

    What about the other 10 on Reverb right now? All being consigned or owned by fairly reputable shops? As with any large, risky purchase, know your shit. If you don’t, hire someone who does. Otherwise, don’t go fishing in that pond. As far as that particular dealer, yeah I’d probably pass unless...
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    Epi les paul finish

    You probably could. However, being that it’s a gold top, it won’t have the “flamed” veneer under the finish. You’d probably expose the multiple pieces that Epiphone is known for using on their bodies. Not knocking Epiphone in any way, I’ve owned several. But risking the possibility of exposing 8...
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    Silicone wedding band?

    You know, you are allowed to take your ring off when at home, playing guitar. If you have a wife that freaks out when you take it off, it might be time to trade her in on a new guitar. I keed I keed.... seriously though, why make a mountain out of a mole hill? Just take your ring off.
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    Grovers vs Klusons

    Whole lotta butt hurt going on over some tuners, Holy crap!! OP, it’s your guitar. You sound like me, you don’t buy guitars to worry about resale value. Get the one you want, put the tuners you like on it. Simple. There are Klusons that will fit the Grover holes, but you’ll pay a little extra...
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    NGD - 2019 Les Paul Standard

    You know, I experienced the same thing with mine as far as the high pitched ringing. After looking it over for a minute, I noticed they never notched the bridge saddles. Although it’s not something you would think caused that issue, it eliminated the problem once I notched them. Check yours and...
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    What, exactly, is Gibson doing differently?

    This and also, no model year markers on the headstock . Something I always thought redundant with the serial numbers giving you the same info. Slow and steady, small changes here and there until back on track.
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    One offs or rarest Epiphone LP'S?

    I’m a Gibson guy through and through but hot damn, I’d take this over the Gibson double cut standard any day of the week! The horns on these are so much more tasteful than the Gibson counterpart and the Tak is so much more guitar than the new DC by Epiphone. Of all the guitars I’ve sold, my...
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    Solderless Pickup Wiring Options

    If you do decide to learn to solder, Don’t buy the lead free solder. I understand it’s benefits to the environment, but it’s not the easiest to learn with, requires a lot more heat and the risk to burn and over heat components is much greater with it.
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    NGD 2013 Traditional

    Damn it man, you’re gonna send me on another spending spree......oh darn :rofl:
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    Diagonal stripe inlay on les paul custom?

    I’m sure it s a legit site. The auction was either pulled or someone got stuck with it.
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    Diagonal stripe inlay on les paul custom?

    Like I said, many more issues based on that pic. So much wrong with just those first 3 frets and headstock, I can only imagine what they did to the body... ** edited to add: looked at the auction for that guitar and holy crap, that guitar is bad. I can’t believe there are that many fools not...
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    Diagonal stripe inlay on les paul custom?

    If that POS is on eBay or Reverb , report it . If it’s on a local sales site like craigslist, report the ad to Gibson. They’ll email the seller a “cut your shit” letter.