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    Orville Trade?

    An EVH Wolfgang USA for an Orville? That’s a no brainer. Keep the Wolfgang.
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    1984 Gibson Explorer (Original) Mod Questions

    Don’t know much about Explorers, so can’t really answer any of your questions except on the pick guard. Contact Perle about making you a solid pick guard to get rid of the switch location. He does excellent custom work and has tons of materials/colors for guards.
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    Right!?!? I saw wine red studio and couldn’t click quick enough. Then saw “sold” instead of a price... the disappointment quickly set in.
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    Got it

    Not a pickup that goes up on the used market very often. In case no one else has a set for sell , here’s the only set between reverb and eBay. Seymour Duncan Greenies 2019...
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    What Were They Thinking?

    Totally agree! How they can take something that looks horrible and make it even worse, is beyond me.
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    What Were They Thinking?

    Why is it that every time Gibson tries something another company is doing, they totally shit the bed? This looks like complete ass . They need to stick to the finishes that they do amazingly well. The VOS, faded, Murphy aged, etc. I can’t believe someone over at Gibson thought to themselves,”...
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    Reason Some YouTube Players Stay on YouTube

    This I can attest too. I know it wasn't there when I was screwing around on the forum just a few hours ago.
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    Reason Some YouTube Players Stay on YouTube

    Fixed it :laugh2::applause:
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    Reason Some YouTube Players Stay on YouTube

    Or, at least 1000 posts in less than a month. Other alternatives include: You have to talk shit about Joe Bonamassa, tell us how you're Epiphone is just as good as any Gibson... Oh, and you have to post a video telling each person by screen name to F*** off. Then and only then, can you come in...
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    NVGD: 55 to 59 Conversion

    She’s a beaut!
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    Reverb Listing - WTF?

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    How much would you pay? 2016 trad with neck repair

    Yeah , in my area, the going price for a used Traditional without a neck repair and in good to great condition is $1200-$1500 with case. You’re spot on with your offer.
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    Brand New 50's LP Standard - Having an Issue

    Check your bridge saddles. A lot of the guitars coming out of the factory are leaving with no notches cut for the strings. Two of my last three have displayed the same problems. Checked everything and all was perfect until I looked at the saddles. No notches. Just strings sitting on top. Cut...
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    Does this Les Paul seem legit?

    “Overly cautious” = buys guitar before asking. Gee, I hate to see what kind of risks you take when you’re being careless :D You bought a guitar from CME. A store not really known for being super shady selling fake Gibson’s. I think you’ll be ok, it’s real.

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