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    Show Your Vintage Burst !! ...

    fresh out LOL
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    DEAD MINT ? or RoAdWaRrIoR ?

    I used to play Jaxx in the 90s w/ a band called Crystal Zoo,have fun guys!
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    will jimmy dust down his les paul on nov 26th ?

    #1 all the way IMO
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    EMG 85s and 81

    as new, 2 EMG 85s and one 81, $75 each plus postage, will sell seperatly
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    A great tube amp to go with a 335

    Carr Rambler
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    Best brand (in your opinion) ?

    I've been using Mesas for several years, also use an old Deluxe reverb but my new obsession are Tophat amps, damn they fine! ps BCR got me onto a tech21 that I ran for almost a year, they are really cool but the tubes call my name LOL
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    Mesa question....sorta

    here's #264
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    Best Strings for an LP

    what tuning?
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    DEAD MINT ? or RoAdWaRrIoR ?

    thanks bro, the tone is AMAZING, the best rock tone ever, I was lucky enough to get it from a guy who was wanting a player to get it and use it, I paid him like it was an Ephinphone ,he gave me the Gary Moore deal, what have you got in yer pocket price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    New LP owner....and member!

    sweet! I've owned a few customs in my time, they have a vibe all their own, killer rock guitars w/the ability to go clean as well
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    DEAD MINT ? or RoAdWaRrIoR ?

    here's an old warhorse, my 58 LP Jr
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    Unusual LP Pictures

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    New to the Forum

    cool Gibbys, welcome!
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    New Guy Checking In-

    Welcome! I dig Boogies bigtime, I own a '74 MKI head w/ verb and graphic and a reissue MKI head as well. Love those korina Hamers too!
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    Best Strings for an LP

    I've had really good results w/ the Gibson vintage reissue pure nickle 11's, my fav on the LP

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