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    Do you believe in owning a Second "Beater" Guitar?

    Yes! I was a youth minister and teens wanted to play my guitar a $6000 25/50 Gibson LP. After it was banged against a door frame once I bought beater guitars to lend out to teens who wanted to play. SAVE YOUR BEST ONES buy a beater or two!
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    New 60s Standard Bourbon burst bridge won't go any lower. Concern?

    Keep in mind that I would never do this but, you could take the spin nuts off under the bridge and file them down to be thinner. We are talking about A tiny fraction of a millimeter. That would give you some room to play with in the future. This is not a recommended fix. But it is an option if...
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    What do you like about Gibson?

    I like the way they sound. I like the way they play. It’s like butter! Ivoften practice with other brand guitars. Then when it comes to recording or performing, I switch to my Gibsons. The quality and outcome is measurable. It’s possible that this is just the Dumbo’s feather effect, but I don’t...
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    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    Yes I like to play them clean as well. I often record them clean with just a bit of chorus. When I say clean I am referring to not using distortion on them. However sometimes I just play it straight into the amp with nothing else. That sounds really good if you have a decent nap yes I like to...
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    Restoring a Smushed 1969 Twin Reverb With JBL D120Fs

    Man that sucks! I would be very suspicious of the mechanics and the electronics at this point. You do not get a huge crack like that unless it was extremely abused in travel. My guess is the tubes will have issues and the capacitors may be a problem now as well. I would refuse shipment on it, or...
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    I Bought a Les paul Traditional and i kinda regret it...

    Maybe try super light gauge strings. That might help. If not he, sell it And get something you like. It’s all about the fun! God bless your gift of music! Michael
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    Should i return my new Gibson? #2

    I would say judging from the pictures that you sent, it looks pretty good to me. Maybe the one in Dent on the binding could be a problem but everything else seems pretty minor. You have to ask yourself if this is going to be a working guitar or a museum piece. Frankly, I have both. If you are...
  8. Chibson vs Gibson Les Paul - YouTube

    Chibson vs Gibson Les Paul - YouTube

    My 25/50 Gibson Les Paul vs my Chibson Les Paul, Gibson vs Chibson, Gibson vs Chibson Les Paul, Chinese Les Paul Copy, Gibson, Les Paul, Gibson Les Paul, 2016

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