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    What's the MLP concensus on Egnater Tweaker 15?

    my friend is in a ZZ TOP cover band called Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers here in the bay area, they are SPOT on...anyways he uses the Tweaker 15 with the matching 1x12 and then another Egnater with a 4x12.....its HEAVEN. you can check them out on facebook...but for what you listed im sure you...
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    Carting an amp around

    careful using those with tube amps, esp. when the tube were hot (right after a show) the vibration kill tubes....just a helpful hint
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    i MUST sell this guitar (im moving in 30 days) make me an offer...i just might take it
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    if im clogging up your thread can you PM me?
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    hey Brett, Dark Terror VS. Jim Root one, what is you opinion?
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    price drop $2600 only thing i'd consider in trade would be an Orange Dark Terror + $$$$
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    The Blackstar Club!!!

    I have had the 1 watt head, for home use, for awhile now....rad little amp! I pair it with a Bogner Shiva 1x12 cab, which is ported. It used to fit the Shiva head on top but i sold the head and kept the cab for use with small watt heads. The amp sounds killer! i love it!:)
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    Bump ANY OFFERS?
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    thank you Northwinds yes, slim 70's style neck...
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    yes, maple neck! im not sure what you mean about profile? more pic's or something?:)
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    1 more pic
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    1977 Les Paul Custom

    For sale is my 77 Les Paul Custom, it is a players guitar, has some back rash, and a few scratches and dings as a guitar from 1977 should. no neck breaks, pick ups are original, electronics that are in it is RS Guitar Works modern kit, but i have all the original stuff. I'm asking for $3k, if...
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    Anyone play with a 1x15 Cab

    i've recently started using 2 1x15's to go along with 2 4x12' moves a lot of air

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