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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    I'm still experimenting with all the options I have available at the time. Since I have 3 distortion pedals, I have a pretty good variety. And, with the Hot Rod (Digitech), it can "Morph" between a Boss DS-1, a RAT and a big muff, supposedly, so that's even more options. However, I'm...
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    Violence on tv and in movies

    Yeah, I get tired of it....especially if it's overdone. It's the same with the movies. Some of them, that's about all there is, no real plot or character interaction, just gratuitous violence.
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    I'll have to try that...but the Hot Rod pedal does a good job of that, too.
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    Yeah, I'll bet it would, too! Maybe it's just me, but I find that if you get an amp with a good clean sound, that's the way to go. You can always add distortion via pedals and such. My, I'm still working with those. HOwever, they will vary from room to room. I also use a...
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    Yeah, man!!
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    SOunds great! I use a Metal Zone (makes it sound like a Marshall stack!) A RAT and a Digitech Hot Rod Distortion....for a variety of distortion sounds.
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    Thanks, man! With the stuff that I play ( a variety of things from blues, pop and rock) I find this amp to be very versatile, and it plays well with my effects pedals.
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    Thanks, man.... I've been trying many amps lately, and for what I do, this kind of amp works best for me!
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    Newcomer with a question

    Yep, thanks, OD! I corrected that!
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    Got got my Hot Rod Deluxe!!

    Just got a new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe! Man, this amp kicks major ass, especially for its size! Can't beat the clean sound on this amp, and the two drive channels aren't too bad, either! But, I usually use pedals for distortion anyway. I wanted something that sounded as good as my Fender Blues...
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    Newcomer with a question

    Yeah, a PAF in the NECK works well with the Super Distortion in the bridge. I have exactly that in my Plaintop... With amps...I'm a die-hard Fender amp guy. Best clean sound there is. I just got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. 40w, all tube with two drive channels. Nice and portable, too, and...
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    I only want one amp

    Keep the Deluxe, ditch the wife......... Just kidding....
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    Decadence and Sacrilege-I bought a Strat!

    Yeah, and it's got real tight action! :rofl:
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    I'm giving up! This grandma plays better than I'll ever will!

    Thanks, brother. Hey, she's great, no doubt. I'm just saying that the more time you have to practice, the greater the chance that you'll improve.
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    I got my first Strat last year, and it's been quite an adjustment. I use it for certain kinds of songs, but not the distortion type stuff. And the difference in volume between that and my Gibsons is dramatic.

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