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    Full size tele bridge interchangeable with vintage strat style bridge?

    If you are installing a Bigsby, you can use any Bigsby compatible bridge you want (since string spacing holes won't matter). Fill the screw holes with dowel rods and drill new holes for whatever bridge you choose.
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    NGD after a long hiatus...

    HNGD! You did well. Now get back to work!:p
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    Preferred Vendor For Les Paul Potentiometers ?

    The Art of Tone for CTS tone pots. If you were asking about volume pots, I would say RS Guitarworks.
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    Pairing up a SD APH 2 and a SD 59.

    They sound great together!
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    NGD: Orville Les Paul Honeyburst

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    NGD last week, SG 61 Standard Sideways Vibrola

    So cool! HNGD!
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    New LPJr

    Premier Guitar did a rundown of 10 humbucker sized P90s.
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    New Pedal Day - Isle of Tone Haze 67 Fuzz!

    Nice! Thanks for the review. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Joe Bonamassa?
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    Plexi Marshall's... where do I start?

    Check out the Ceriatone All Access. Sounds like what you want, although build times are pretty long right now.
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    What would you do? 3 Lps 4 sets of HBs

    This thought did cross my mind.
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    Trad Pro V Pricing Change and Sale

    Stratosphere has a bunch without hardware or cases (neck and body only)
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    What would you do? 3 Lps 4 sets of HBs

    Looking for opinions. I have 3 Les Paul type guitars, 2 Traditionals and a Studio with an ebony board. Through a series of deals and trades, I have 4 sets of Humbuckers ready to drop in: OX4 low wind A4s/ OX4 Hot Duane A5/ Duncan Slash A2/ Duncan Distortion Ceramic. Current pickups are Duncan...
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    Not enough relief with lp custom, please help

    Has your friend tried 9s? Going from 10s to 8s seems pretty drastic to me and might create more of a challenge in adjusting his playing than he expects. 9s might be easier to achieve the desired relief too.
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    Fine cracks in bobbins - problem, or not?

    Stage lights? Window display? Left in trunk? I'm with you. I can't see how even these scenarios could bake plastic.
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    I picked up a '16 LP Custom, wondering what pickups are in it and where I can find all specs

    That means the other half do! You have a 50/50 shot. Yank 'em and let us know.

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