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    NGD '60s Standard Bourbon Burst

    Wow! HNGD.
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    NGD Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas MIM and a question for other owners

    You can replace it with a 3 way tele switch with no problems. However, why not wire it with the five way configuration since you have the super switch? It also looks like one of your pots is a push/pull, opening the door to more options. I believe Charvel called this the 6 pack of tone when...
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    Vineham vs. Wolftone PAF?

    I love this. You are a gentleman and a class act! :cheers:
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    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Send it back. Ebay will be in your side. Your pics speak for themselves. The $1200 estimate is likely what they might be willing to pay for that guitar. I don't think there is a lot of market info on f'd up R8s for a reasonable estimate. EDIT: Oops, just read the last page of comments. I'm...
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    Pick up question for the experts

    Does it have traditional pots or the printed circuit board? If they are traditional pots, you can use either 2 or 4 conductor pickups. For 4 conductor pickups that are not being split, you just solder two of the wires together and wrap with a piece of electrical tape.
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    Why I Hate Buying Guitars Sight Unseen

    Now that this thread has been woken from its slumber, what happened? Did you get a replacement? If so, add the Happy NGD photos. We could all use a happy ending right now.;)
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    Import costs on OX4s to the U.S.?

    Thanks! I hear great things about the flanetones and Monty's. I've not heard of kloppmans but I will check them out.
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    My friend, please help me look at this pickups from my r9 60th

    Unpotted low powered PAF type pickups. Usually measure around 8k. Not sure on magnets. I've never played them, but they have a good reputation. Search this forum and there are a lot of favorable comments as well as recommendations for replacements if they are not to your liking.
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    Import costs on OX4s to the U.S.?

    Ordered mine yesterday (Low/A4). Can't wait to review and do some shoot outs. I have Antiquities in my LP(original mags) and SG (UOA5 and A4). OX4s will replace 57 Classics/+ in my LP Traditional.
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    Import costs on OX4s to the U.S.?

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the quick replies.
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    Import costs on OX4s to the U.S.?

    For those of you who have ordered OX4s directly from their site and had them shipped to the U.S., what, if any, import fees, duties, or taxes did you have to pay? I am trying to figure out the true cost of getting them directly from OX4 as opposed to going through a dealer. Thanks!
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    Should i return my new Gibson?

    The pickup ring was probably over-tightened and the installer didn't even notice. If it is the same guy who put the pickguard on, attention to detail is not his strength. Neither of these can't be easily remedied. The file marks on the binding would piss me off. I've learned to live with them...
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    Thoughts on selling a few LP's - Reverb and Paypal scams?

    Take extensive photos and/or videos of the condition of each guitar and case before packaging. Take photos of the packages prior to shipping. I have only had a couple of bad experiences selling on Reverb, but this kind of evidence is necessary. Make sure your shop policies are updated too.
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    How many versions of fhe big muff have you owned?

    I currently own: EHX with Tone Wicker Mojo Hand Colossus Blackout Effectors Twosome (1/2 is Musket) El Musico Loco Siamese Scream I've owned and sold: Earthquaker Cloven Hoof Earthquaker Hoof Reaper Blakemore Dreamsicle Chicago Stompworks Fat Bald Guy Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Mojo Hand Iron...
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    ** A PAIN IN THE NECK **

    Not to mention the sonic virtues of different glues and spline materials.

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