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    NGD. This is something different.

    Very cool. The engineering and design of the tech behind the guitar is great. Too bad it is so axkward in its shape. They really could have done better with the asthetics.
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    First 50's upgrade, sweet!

    I added a big red comma where I thought it would make the most sense. You are welcome
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    jokes & funnies.

    "An uneasy partnership of coyotes" had me laughing until i choked.
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    NGD 2005 Standard Faded, with some ?

    That mid section is B A N A N A S! The flame maple is soooooo over done:facepalm: I really wanted something a little different.
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    NGD 2005 Standard Faded, with some ?

    Thanks, By VH do you mean Van Halen? The seller worked things out to my satisfaction. I will be looking for some Burstbuckers now. Over all I am very happy with this find
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    NGD 2005 Standard Faded, with some ?

    Well it seems if I just google some sh!t I can find out that the neck PU is an Alnico II Pro BRIDGE pickUp. And that the bridge is a Seymour Duncan custom shop pickup. great. I need to message the seller about a few things
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    NGD 2005 Standard Faded, with some ?

    I was very excited to get get this one. I have been looking for some time for a unique specimen of the Faded variety. I also would like to thank all the collective knowledge here at MLP for helping me gain the insight to make a good and solid purchase. However, I have some questions... First of...
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