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    Gibson Explorers. What do you think of them?

    I have a Pro. being 5'8" it is perfect for me. I have a full sized Epi Explorer as well. I love how my arm rests against the upper triangle. Very comfy
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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    35-38 electrics 2 acoustics 1 bass 1 big amp 1 practice amp 4-6 talent points
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    Worth every pence!
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    Pickup alignment trick

    One pick guard is bad enough
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    September 2021 BTOTM

    I Suck! I try my best to honor my obligations. However, I dropped the ball on this one. I am very sorry. I could mention how travel for work threw some wrenches in my schedule, but I know that no one is interested in excuses. Please accept my most sincere apologizes. I will make a genuine effort...
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    Pickup swap for Epi Explorer

    DiMarzio super distortion!!!!
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    September 2021 BTOTM

    Thanks. Just being silly, but I did stumble onto a few fun licks in Gm the other day.
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    September 2021 BTOTM

    I hope it's in G-minor
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    Help with Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Plus EX

    Since the pickups were swapped, I'm gonna guess that the bridge/tailpeice was as well. I just recently learned that you can do that. The font on the headstock is different than mine and DrBGood's, but I am not sure that that is definitive of real or fake. I can not spot the difference in the...
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    Do you ever have so many guitars it becomes unethical?

    40 years for a degree? Did they at least give you tenure?
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    possible Gibson BFG purchase.

    Mine has that same beauty mark. It is a 2006. Another reason for that "dip", so I have heard, is a lack of sanding. Once the reptilian scales are sanded to the final carve, it would be at that lower level we see as a missing piece.
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    NGD : 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom- Warhorse

    This is strange. Some more Waffle House rferances:hmm:
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    Minttitty minty mint 2007 explorer pro

    I have a black version. The smaller body is a gem for my frame size. It is very comfy
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    Epi mod convert

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot know the rest

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