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    Why not slant the speaker baffle to project upwards?

    :applause: Yes, we tend to be notoriously, "THIS IS HOW I HAVE TO DO IT!!" Therefore, "THIS IS HOW EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE TO DO IT TOO!!" - In the face of of all of the contradictions you posted above. Even with the slanted baffle on my cab, I need to stand 10' in front of it to be in the...
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    Why not slant the speaker baffle to project upwards?

    One way to lessen band volume at practice is to stand across from my cab (instead of right by it) so I hear myself more accurately. Which means I'll turn down a little to fit in the mix as well as having a more accurate understanding of the tone I'm making. The slanted baffle helps with this...
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    Why not slant the speaker baffle to project upwards?

    I have a Seismic Luke 212 cab with a slightly angled baffle. Not as much as the OP photo. But same idea. Seems practical.
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    410 vs 112 or 212

    Stating the obvious, I think the cab being good or bad depends on the speakers you put in it. Regardless of size. But... I once owned a closed Traynor 410 cab that started out life as a bass cab. I ran my PV Classic 100 through it and it really, really sounded nice. It was less directional than...
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    What makes a good extension cab?

    I too, am no expert. But I own a 212 extension cab and have a little bit of general experience. My cab is the Seismic Luke, plywood cab that sells on the interweb for $200. It sounds just fine with my 5150 III amp and loaded with Warehouse speakers. Is it the "best?" ...I really, really doubt...
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    I absolutely groove with the theme of this thread. Strats have always been a disappointment for me to play, but I've admired the heck out of how a lot of others play them on a regular basis, not just Jimi. And IMO, Strat contoured bodies are probably the most comfortable design to play. It's the...
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    Amp and speaker behind closed cabinet doors?

    Ever see a closed recording cab? A sealed box with a speaker and a mic feed... If this isn't harmful I doubt your situation would be.
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    Volume knob idea?

    Coil split.
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    Other than the headstock logo, why do Chibsons get so much hate?

    FWIW: Using their designs as the platform, these guitars are highly customizable and well regarded quality. They used to be Carvin guitars but they rebranded a few years ago.
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    Speakers do change with age

    A bigger difference than I would anticipate. But I often find new speakers needing the brightness EQ'd out. By the same token, the old speakers in this example could have some brightness EQ'd into them. The new speaker is too bright for me. The old is too dull for me in this example. And if...
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    Insulate a Closed Back Cab?

    Thx for the input. You're all confirming what I suspected.
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    Insulate a Closed Back Cab?

    What are people's opinions on whether or not to add sound insulation to a closed back 212 cab? My guess is the answer will be, "It depends..." But thought I'd ask. Advantages? Disadvantages? Thx!
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    Advice on an inexpensive SS amp please!

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
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    5 watt tube amp question.

    I agree with most others. If you run it through a PA there is no reason you couldn't gig with it. There are too many examples of players going direct and only using monitors to say otherwise, IMO. I like stage volume for vibe. But it isn't necessary for the audience. Unmic'd, without just the...
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    My old expensive Johnson JT-50 SS.

    FWIW I think your post qualifies for this as well as the modeling forum. It is an amp and a modeler. - no biggie. I had forgotten about Johnson. Don't know what happened to them. They must have gotten bought-up by Line Six or someone like that. These really were some of the first amps with...

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