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    Yay or Nay

    I like them, But don't eat them too much anymore...
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    Post your historics back shots.....

    Here's my 2020 58'... Pic's are a little dark, Cell Phone camera... But the back is darker than what I have seen for the newer ones...
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    RIP Munchie

    That sucks... I'm Sorry ! I love dogs...
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    Pay as you go driving!

    I'll stick with older cars... Couldn't afford that BMW any way... Lol..
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    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    I like mild relic But not heavy relic... What's nice is you don't have to worry about putting that first nick on the paint or a lot of pick scratches... Just play away... Your not treating it like a new Corvette... 'Ya Know...
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    Look for the Well Health Seal...

    After seeing those well health commercial's, If I see one on a store I will not go in...
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    Do you believe in owning a Second "Beater" Guitar?

    I don't have any beater guitars... All I have are high end guitars, I play them all...
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    NAD - Metropoulos Metroplex

    No, He got it right the first time... I would take a Metal Zone over a Fuzz any day... You just have to know how to use one... JMO...
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    pedals before amp vs amp effects loop

    I run my whole pedalboard in the front of the amp - Everything... But all my amps have no effects loop.. I like it just fine...
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    NAD - Metropoulos Metroplex

    Very Nice !! I want one too...
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    So confused about air compressors!

    With air compressors when using it for spray painting, sandblasting etc.. The bigger the better ! Smaller inexpensive ones just wont keep up... I know from experience.. I was a Mechanic for 30 years...
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    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I like mine a lot !
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    Are 2021 R8s plaintops again?

    I love mine... It's a 2020 58' lemon Burst and I love it... It play's great...
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    Output Transformers....where the magic lives!

    That's all I use for my amp builds - Heyboers and Classictone
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    Signature Models

    I myself never wanted a signature model no matter who it is...

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