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    I have a ton of EVH's, new ones, old ones, custom mades, home mades, etc. The standard body EVH is my favorite, the neck on the special is my preferred ( it's a little thicker), The Floyd on the special is 1000 series, vs the special floyd, and is better, also I found the d tuna to work better...
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    Floyd Rose FRX and Gibson Explorer

    I had bought a Black Lzzy Hale with one fitted, I didn't care for it but that's me. It did work well and look great, I took it off and sold it, then traded off the guitar. Its cool, and I'm glad there are options but If I want a Floyd to play, it's usually on EVH, Ibanez, Hamers
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    A great short comparison of Axe FX vs Kemper

    Thanks for posting this, I have a Kemper but have been buying tube amps again. Thinking I just need the AX FX
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    JCM 900 4101 Combo - Incoming

    I have the 100w single 12 combo with 5881's but sought out that is crazy good would love to play them side by side for differences but I'm happy as can be, extra grit with a pedal it crushes.
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    Bogner Brixton head

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    Bigger amps with great master volumes VS low watt amps

    I have gravitated to lower output amps currently but my best bedroom sounds came from an old Peavey 5150 though a Carvin 4 x 12 cab, noisy but awesome sound at low volume, 2nd was a silver face Princeton over driven with an ADA Mp1 or a Peavey Rockmaster, added another cabinet with a V30 to get...
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    Harrison Rosewood Tele is Back

    I have one, despite being a Les Paul die hard, it is light, plays great, happy with it, like it enough to keep, unless the value gets nutty and I can trade it for a Gibson Kornia V :)
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    Guatemalan rosewood on Les Paul Standard?

    I have not watched the video but IR is darker, IR is a managed resource - should be cheaper but with supply chain issues maybe not. Central American Rosewoods are not managed as far as I know and seldom used in guitar making for mass production, and as noted, it's lighter in color and is not as...
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    Guatemalan rosewood on Les Paul Standard?

    Garik, Rosewood. The species of rosewoods that grows in Central and South America are available as guitar woods, may have other commercial names.... it is available, somewhat limited. Martin makes a custom version of an OM28 with that wood, a few out there now. A bit pricy but to play one is...
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    Best Color For an LP Custom

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    For 5k would you buy a custom shop LP or a 69-75 LP ?

    Generally Custom Shop now is my preferred guitar. I have had Norlins that when gone over by a great luthier have been fantastic but that said, I have moved them along or passed when I find. Nothing much beats a new custom shop Gibson for me these days, need to always play, inspect 1st to make...
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    TP6 tailpiece, yay or nay?

    I bought one for a Paul that I have but never put it on, stays in tune well enough as it is, but I have several EVH hardtails that have them, 2 steps range in tuning, however tuning stability has not been an issue on any guitar or I move it along. No tone suck to my ears. I like'em
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    Guatemalan rosewood on Les Paul Standard?

    Surprised it's not a Custom shop option only, I'm having an acoustic made with it. Brighter sound than Indian Rosewood, lighter weight than Ebony. Looks fantastic. It ain't cheap either. Can't wait to play one with that wood to see if there is a difference to hear or feel. I've played an...
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    I have noticed the same as others here, 2019 and up are a step up to me. I have been rotating some of my older gear to the exact same newer guitars as I think they are that much to play them back to back, same amp, etc...the new stuff is so good I prefer it over most vintage. YMMV

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