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    The Song Name Game

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    Losing my buddy!

    Sorry for your troubles with your pal. All I can say is enjoy every last minute you have with your best friend and he will never know he's sick... I just lost my Baby a few months ago. She was 18 and my best friend... I miss her every day, but find comfort in knowing I got to spend as much time...
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    New Moderator Day - Roberteaux

    Great Choice For A New Mod,,,Congratulations Brother...
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    The Song Name Game

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    The Song Name Game

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    The Song Name Game

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    Still Available???
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    Reply to review by 'Haprom' on item 'Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special '58 Reissue'

    Hahaha, Mike is My Teacher. Great Guy and a Great Musician...:headbanger:
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    2003 R8 Brazilian FINALLY SOLD elsewhere...

    That thing is Killer.:drool: GLWS...
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    FS: Single cut Les Paul

    OMG Your Fucking Killing Me...GLWS...
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    Aged True Historic - Factory Buckle Rash or Not

    I have personally owned a few aged r9's with the same exact Mark of Zoro... Nice Piece, play it in good health...
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    The Song Name Game

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    Sorry Everybody thought I posted this in the Backstage. My Apologies to all...
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    Anyone seen him? Hope He's Ok...

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