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    50s/60s Gibson Standards ... thoughts?

    Sorry, but both got the modern wiring...even the 50‘s model...
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    NGD- 2020 Les Paul Special

    Gorgeous! Love those Specials!
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    50s Les Paul standard vs 60s Les Paul standard

    Just play a 50‘s and i bet you’re done;)
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    NGD: M2M R7 Candy Blue

    Wow!!!! Congrats! What an amazing finish/color...
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    Brown Rear Control Plates - Les Paul they ship worldwide and I recommend them highly.
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    NGD! 11’ R7 goldtop vos

    Congrats, would be my dream...this and a 2011 R8....;)
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    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    Also always prefer a clean amp as the foundation my tones are build on... I always did and will... At home I use a fabulous Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 and with the band a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe... I‘m a pedal junky too I guess...
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    NGD : 2019 Gibson SG Standard w/ Sideways Vibrola

    Congrats man! Love mine too, killer guitar!
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    Sideways Vibrola?

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    HNGD! Standard '50s

    Congrats man! Bet it will sound amazing with the Katana!
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    blues junior... les paul and ___ overdrive

    JHS Morning, MXR Super Badass Distortion, MXR Badass Modified OD...
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    Pulled trigger on a ‘58 ri

    Congrats man, looks great!
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    What device do you use to surf the web and post on mlp?

    Always on my IPhone...
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    “Downgrading” From an R8. What Should I Look For?

    Check out the current 2019/2020 Standard 50‘s... I also had a R8 back in 2011 and unfortunately sold it...Always missed it and finally bought a 2020 Standard...Amazing neck shape! Feels pretty much the same like I remember my R8... I can highly recommend the actual Standard 50‘s...
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    Back to Boss

    Love my Boss OD-2....amazing sounding pedal!

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