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    FS: Two Schott size Large leather jackets (508 and 673)

    I have a box of pedals. Will list them and perhaps we can work out a deal…
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    What did I buy?

    I played this guitar at rehearsal the other night after putting my 1999 ‘R9 back on its stand. Despite having thick, old strings the Greco hung remarkably well. The next day, I did a setup and fresh strings. It actually a VERY nice guitar for a 500! Will be swapping the pickups for some...
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    What did I buy?

    Well it’s finally arrived. EMS to the states… much longer than it used to be and twice the price. Nice guitar tho, def a EG59-50.
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    Sorta-NGD - Tokai LC320BB All Mahogany Black Beauty

    Dibs lol! j/k that’s a keeper!!
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    What did I buy?

    it’s still in Japan but am hoping for a fat neck. This ones all a roll of the dice…
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    What did I buy?

    Funny thing is, my proxy was 61000 yen. One more bid and I’d have lost…
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    What did I buy?

    There’s some wishful thinking!
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    What did I buy?

    Good question… I didn’t notice that.
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    What did I buy?

    Transitional model I believe but not sure what specs etc.
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    Nice! Any shots of that?
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    Is there binding on this?
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    High end Replica vs Vintage

    inspired by the Reissue vs Vintage threes Replica = all proper specs (old growth, hide glue, top builder etc) go.....
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    I need help from someone in japan! BUYEE SERVICE WARNING.

    I’ve used Buyee for 3 guitars over the past 45 days. 1 was all mahogany with rosewood FB. No issues at all except for the DHL shipping charges. Twice what EMS charges.. That said, this thread has me backing off Buyee for now. OP- hope this all works out for you!
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    WTB - Japanese ES-335 model. Must have open book headstock and prefer a 78-83 model. budget roughly $1500

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