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  1. My LP

    My LP

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    1980 Fender Stratocaster FS.

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    1980 Fender Stratocaster FS.

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    Canada Sellers Thread

    Thinking about moving my 79 strat... pretty well all original, non original guard, non original volume pot, other than that, AFAIK it is stone stock. The frets are low, but that is also the era.... non orig case- period correct, but blue not orange. It is a players piece, but man, does it ever...
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    Tokai Serial number Question

    yup, p.m. me if you have any questions
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    Tokai Serial number Question

    Anyone able to help me too? I would like to know what the model is. Sorry for the hijack... ;) s/n 051108
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    NGD!!!! Yay!

    So, I now own an Edwards Jimmy Page LP replica, and just last night picked up a Tokai Love Rock... I think it is a 2005 or 2006 has a set of GuitarForce Lord of the Blues in it, orange drops, brass saddles... yada yada yada... anywhoo... The Edwards The Tokai and Edwards together
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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    my newest... pic taken in Oct 2011
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    The Unofficial Official Anything ESP Edwards & Navigator Theory, Photo, & ID Thread

    Here is my baby, I have had her about 6 months, picked it up off a friend of mine... its a Jimmy Page reissue... boys this one is one to write home about...
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    Thanks a million :D
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    Thanks for posting Jomo!!
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    Canada Sellers Thread

    I picked up an epi explorer, it is a little beaten up, (has 4-5 holes in the bottom where the previous owner relocated the button a few times) the neck button was moved to the back of the guitar. chip in the horn, and a dent in the bottom, will get some good pics of the damage soon. Has a pin...
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    BFG Goodness - Post 'em if you got 'em - FTW!!

    Mine fell apart too, bout an hour before a gig - rebuilt it on site, put it back together... 2 weeks later the bar/hinge/pivot thing fell out of the switch tip again (the gator style closers kept coming loose) so I had a buddy of mine wire in a military issue 2 way... its done like dinner now...
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    Les Paul BFG, A Welcome Addition to the Family

    Almost all original, I have replaced the switch with a military grade 2 way for the kill switch. The 5 hour gigs are tough, not my first, we did a few before, this one too is for a HUGE festival up here that we are headlining. The fans make it easier to be up there so long, they get into it and...
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    Les Paul BFG, A Welcome Addition to the Family

    Yeppers, it's my number one, I love it, it was on stage for 4-5 hours last night, this weekend is playing a 5 hour gig on Friday and a 2 hour on Sunday, with practice in the middle :)

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