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    junkies exposed on MLF!!!

    OK, ok, calm down fellas. Haven't you ever seen a pretty girl before? :naughty: Here's me posing with Flat Stanley for a school project -
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    Yup that's a great price. From my own experience, try to get a look at the stop bar to see how high it is. Should be low and the strings should clear the back of the TOM.
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    What would you have named the Les Paul ?

    The Mike :slash::hippie:
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    Neck profile+playing ability of les paul studio?

    POS stands for Piece Of Shit and by trophy guitar I mean one that is purchase but never to be played / displayed in a trophy case. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything but if I had a fine guitar like that I would play the snot out of it :slash: Personally, I like to practice on the gear...
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    Neck profile+playing ability of les paul studio?

    The studios have a 50's neck but I'm trying to understand where you're coming from. You don't want to play your custom as much? You afraid of scratches? Running out of notes? What? Studios may not be as expensive but they're not exactly a POS either. Is your custom a 'trophy' guitar? Just...
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    Les Paul Standard Birdseye

    Needs a pickguard IMHO :slash:
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    serial numbers

    Great article. Thanks for sharing it!
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    Which Straplocks?

    I have the Schallers. They fit right in to my faded standard without any problems or modifications. I like them because of the safety feature they have. If the lock should fail for whatever reason there is a catch that fits under the strap button. You have to position it correctly of course...
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    LP Standard Faded Series

    Hi All, New here. Just came over from the Gibson forum. My fadded is working our pretty nicely for me. I think the neck angle may be incorrect though since the stop bar has to be set sky-high for the strings to clear the back of the bridge and the nut slot for the GB&E strings is cut a...

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