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    NGD - Lemonburst R8 (warning pic heavy)

    That is one sexy guitar! Loved the total fade on LemonBursts. And when you add in the back, that is a very special guitar!
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    Is this a Honeyburst ??

    That looks like a honey burst. Tea busts to me have a hint of red that yours doesn’t have. One poster said his honey burst looks lighter than this example, but I’m willing to bet that’s due to the lighting of the pic. Take another pic of it outside in direct natural sunlight and this same guitar...
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    Uncirculated 1958 Les Paul through a matching 50’s Les Paul GA-40 amp

    I have to agree; a beautiful, ideal looking burst. Nice playing too!
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    Dickey Betts in critical condition Wow, ya never know. Happened while playing w his dog. Keep him in your prayers folks. merged
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    Selling a 1980 Ebony Gibson Les Paul Standard

    That’s a jewel. GLWS!
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    Today is the anniversary of Randys passing.

    That's quite a pick collection you have there, but the Randy pick is no doubt #1. Thanks for sharing.
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    Today is the anniversary of Randys passing.

    My favorite guitarist ever. I live approx one hour from Leesburg, Fl (site of the crash) and still haven't worked up the courage to drive by there. What a loss. RicOkc & TexSunburst59 how exciting to have seen him perform! I was only 5 at the time of his passing so no chance for me...
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    John Fogerty Reunited with long lost Rickenbacker

    Very cool story...we all know how much certain guitars mean to us. John Fogerty Reunited with His CCR Rickenbacker
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    8 6730

    Wow - she is a stunner, so clean! Thanks for posting. I'll keep my eye on this thread in hopes of more info on this beauty coming to light.
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    Great vid of Joe Bonamasa & Cam Newton w/ a young player ('59 Burst content) Love this - the look on that kid's face when Joe walks in is priceless!
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    Seriously, it's about time... get the Marc Bolan story off the front page. I like him as much as the next guy, but c'mon it's been over a year. Just sayin'...
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    Gibson Les Paul 1959 R9 "Skinnerburst"

    Great looking guitar. Nice playing & tine too.
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    Which truss rod cover do you have on your Standard Les Paul? Pictures?

    When I was younger & just starting out, I'd see this ad every month in the guitar mags and I guess it made an impression in me because I really like that style of "Standard" on the tuss rod cover.
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    Just got back from Nashville, MAN did I see some guitars (pics inside).

    Thanks a lot of the kind words Fellas; it was certainly a trip I'll never forget. There were a few questions that I'll answer: Judson yes, for the most part you could play any guitar in the store. Can't say enough about the great customer service at Carter's. The mega expensive ones you've...
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    NGD: Standard Faded Honey Burst

    Shame you can't keep 'em both. Judging by appearances alone I like the Honey better.