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    NGD - Eric Johnson Strat Question

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    Fender Bubbler Chorus

    Some kind of used Boss chorus might be worth a look.
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    Pedal suggestions for Marshall Origin 5 please

    EQ pedal!
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    60's non reverse Firebird ...pic a pickguard?

    I like the idea of a custom guard to show more wood.
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    2018 Firebird still nine-ply construction?

    (imo) Gibson can get "sketchy" at times with the solid colors so it could go either way.......Overall, I have seen more of the black finish models advertised as 3 piece than the burst or white.... not sure about the recent blue finish.... Me, I would prol' figure a black finish model to be more...
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    NGD: American Original Telecaster 50's

    Rocks! :rock:
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    Firebird questions — thinking about getting one

    Good posts and info! I'm still diggin' my stock 13'. The Steinberger tuners are (imo) a good match with the V's. Try a "Steiny era" model if you have a chance. also fwiw.... They started selling the Stein tuners aftermarket a bit back. Not sure if it's a N.O.S dump or if they are making them...
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    Back to Boss

    Speaking of the Boss gain......I always thought the DS-1 and SD-2 sounding cool for goosing a Marshall...... the Boss Hyper Fuzz is an all time fav... ... I throw the Metal Zone on Bass now and then for some noise!
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    Back to Boss

    Sweet! I have a few of that are board staples for guitar and bass.
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    535Q: New vs Old Version

    Multi wah!
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    My twisted 1990s odd-shaped Gibson history

    You found your Gibson!
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    What's up with recent Firebird tuners?

    I love em all.... but.... The "Stein-Birds" are my preferred Bird (like i'm all that:cheers:). A perfect match (imo). Gibson should make them again and drop that non-reverse headstock "vibe" they slapped on the recent reverse models. fwiw....The Stein models had some variances spec's wise over...
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    2018 SG special is it worth it or should i find a studio version?

    Looks sweet but ya, maybe shave the price down a bit if possible.

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