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    Cleaning Nitro finish - need advice

    I use a barely damp microfiber cloth followed by a dry microfiber for general quick cleanup. To polish I use both Gibson's Restorative Finish Cream or Gibson's Luthier Choice Hi Gloss Polish. To be honest I think they are both the same, and both work well. Would like to try the Virtuoso...
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    POLL: Refinish or Leave It As Is?? - 2013 R8

    Refinish. If it was a better relic, I'd say keep it the way it is. But just being honest, that's a completely unnatural butcher job of a relic. That guitar deserves better.
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    NAD: Marshall Studio Vintage!

    Congrats! Dang I want one. Bet it sounds awesome.
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    new (to me) 2018 r8. killer top/colour/weight.

    Congrats! Love a dirty lemon.
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    Better and more pics of dirty lemon R8

    Me three! (might as well post it here too)
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    Anyone Ever Get Bored with Your Historic Color

    Never. I love dirty lemon the best. Sometimes envy other colors and flames, but never bored of the color.
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    Are all Custom Buckers potted?

    Perhaps their waxpotting is like making a martini with vermouth. They just wave a block of paraffin over each pickup.
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    Are all Custom Buckers potted?

    It could be marketing language. "First" unpotted CB's for the entire Historic range. Not necessarily first ever. Just a thought, though.
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    Are all Custom Buckers potted?

    Technically, this isn't about the 2019s.
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    Are all Custom Buckers potted?

    I've never pulled the cover on the neck, but the bridge came uncovered from Gibson. Of course, it wouldn't show the residual wax from under the cover because it didn't have one, but I couldn't find any around the bobbins/tape. I haven't looked since I bought the guitar and checked everything out.
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    Are all Custom Buckers potted?

    It's been announced that the 2019 reissues will have unpotted Custom Buckers. Were any unpotted before? I ask because my 2012 CBs seem unpotted up until I heard that. Get nice feedback compared to my other humbuckers, maybe too easy. I've visually inspected the pickups before and can't find...
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    New Amp Day - Marshall Hit A Home Run - SC20H/JCM800

    I thought the opposite. The Jubilee has more gain, but is also darker. And no clean channel to speak of. The 800 sounded like classic rock to me.
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    Let's all welcome......

    Welcome Mick! Your new projects sound cool. Also cool to see someone that might have actually worked on my R9.
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    Oh Celestion...What are you doing to me??

    Cool! How does it differ from the regular Creamback in your opinion? Smoother?