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    NGD: 2011 R9

    Love that guitar! Congrats!
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    In the last years Custombuckers have the same output (neck and bridge)?

    My 2012 Custombuckers are 8.05k and 8.08k. Sound great. I read in another thread at some point that there were two specs. One with both at around 8k, and another with 7.5 and 8k (roughly, don't remember the exact outputs).
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    Regis Philbin went skiing

    Not Reeg. I think he held the record for most hours on TV. RIP
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    Peter Green, RIP

    Sad to see a legend like him pass. This is going to be a difficult decade when it comes to music legends. RIP Peter.
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    NGD - 2016 Fender 59 American Vintage Strat (plus an unexpected Strat journey)

    Thanks! Yeah, the 59s just have something. Even in reissue form. And the nitro really is thin. Looking at the small chips, not a whole lot between player and wood. I like that.
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    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    I'm a Les Paul guy, but I'm coming around to Strats. Have 4 Strats and only 2 LP's (plus another LP-like guitar and an SG).
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    NGD: 2019 Classic Vibe

    That's a great color. Congrats! Great guitars.
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    NGD - 2016 Fender 59 American Vintage Strat (plus an unexpected Strat journey)

    I haven't posted to MLP very much for awhile, so this will be a belated 3 NGD including the latest new acquisition. Even though my first and only guitar for 30 years was a Strat, I've always been more of a Les Paul into a Marshall kind of guy, and that has been my focus. Never connected with...
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    Make the case for owning a reissue

    I've had my R9 for 3 years and it still feels special to pick up.
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    Laney GH50R/GH100R

    Wow! Never expected this. Great information. This amp still tempts me from time to time. A 30 watt head has come out since this thread.
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    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    The Japanese guitar market is going to explode.
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    Jimmy Page Pickups

    Whole Lotta Humbuckers get me where I need to go with Zepp. So does my Tele. May not be exactly what he had at any given time, but neither will any pickup wound in the last couple decades.
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    Why are Custom Buckers so awesome? Why?

    That makes sense. I have a 2012 R9 that came factory with Custom Buckers. 8.05k neck/8.08k bridge. Bright pickups, like the proverbial "Tele on steroids." Quite hot too. Nice harmonics. No mud at all in the neck. Wonder how they compare to the 7.5/7.8 set.
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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    Sorry to hear about gramps, and congrats on the find. I'm no vintage guitar expert, but I'd be concerned that if it hasn't had proper string tension on it for decades, the neck might have issues (back bow or twist). Might want to get a reputable luthier to check it. Also, know that the guitar...

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