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    Anybody try Obsidian solderless harnesses?

    Yes I could have soldered to the pot, but that's harder than soldering wire to wire. No idea what the extra cap is, unless they built a treble bleed mod into it.
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    Embarrassing Pickup Wiring Error

    Sadly it seems the DPDT switches in the Yamaha dont have completely independent poles. The center left and center right lugs are connected internally so I cannot tap both humbuckers using just one switch.
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    Embarrassing Pickup Wiring Error

    Good advice. I showed away from replacing the pot as I knew the spline wouldn't be US spec. In any event, I'd prefer to have both pickups tapped on one pot. I can't ever see me needing to have one tapped and the other not.
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    Embarrassing Pickup Wiring Error

    A few months down the road I'm wondering if it's possible to coil split both humbuckers using the one serviceable DPDT switch I have left. I think it might work properly if there is no connection across the 'common' poles (the middle 2 of the 6), so that the bridge pickup tap is attached to left...
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    Got a Rockerverb

    I'd almost completely agree; you can certainly set it up so that your rhythm sound is found with guitar vol on 6-7, lead on 9-10, but I find adding a little drive using an OCD helps to make it scream and sustain as needed for some genres. The thing I really like is no need for separate channels...
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    NGD - finally authentic again :)

    Before you throw it in the freezer :oops: for aesthetic reasons do think about how that will stress the neck due to the trussrod, etc.
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    Got a Rockerverb

    If it's the OR15's big brother you can't go wrong. Now I've owned the OR15 for a few months I think the thing that Orange does so well is their preamp design. They use 4 preamp tubes when many other brands use 3, and the result is that their amps can go from almost clean to almost metal on the...
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    Craigslist Horror for $1500

    He has raised the price to $2000. Same photos...
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    NAD - Orange OR15H. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Yes a '91 I've owned from new, a 30-year keeper.
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    NAD - Orange OR15H. What kind of sorcery is this?

    I beat you to it by a few months, but share your view of these wonderful amps. BTW, the cabs are killer too; best sounding cabs I've ever played.
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    Unbelievably Cheap 2017 Standard in Seattle CL Unless it has a headstock repair / other damage not disclosed / stolen, I wonder why this is being sold for about half its value..... $850. Hell of a deal if you are near Seattle and need a LP Std.
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    Anyone seen a refret while keeping nibs?

    I had my '91 Std refretted with stainless over 10 years ago by Michael Tuttle. I was concerned about losing the nibs at the time, but when I saw the results of the refret (above) I decided I preferred the new look.
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    Opinions on noiseless Strat pickups

    I bought a Jeff Beck strat and it comes stock with 'Hot Noiseless' by Fender. I'm impressed. They are silent (more so than any of my humbucker guitars) and they are very powerful, which is great if you want to play high gain stuff on a strat. To get traditional stratty sounds I just turn the...
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    Considering a Set of Wolfetones

    I think the 490 and 498 are fine individually, but I just couldnt set up my amp such that both sounded great. There is a huge difference in the tone between the two that made them a bad choice as a pair in one guitar, IMHO. I got by for the last 10 years by swapping the magnets, but the...
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    Craigslist Horror for $1500

    If the description isn't enough to make you run a mile, the photos seal the deal. The seller gets extra points for not washing his hands before including them in the main photo. :wtf: Listing

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