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    Can't wait to get her back from Greg at BCR...

    Yes sir, Greg and I are also very good friends he's the only person I trust my personal guitars to as a vintage guitar dealer.
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    My 54...

    70,s factory refin it was original all gold as evidenced in the cavities (front and back) owner sent to Gibson mid 70s for a refin which changed the gold (bummer) Screamer player though...
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    Can't wait to get her back from Greg at BCR...

    Schecter route 57s Zebra bobbins, Greg at BCR posted a video of these in a stock off the shelf run of the mill standard and they nail the PAF tone. No other mods have been done but my good friend Greg said he will go over every inch of her and take care of me. I also have origina nickel ABF...
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    Can't wait to get her back from Greg at BCR...

    Sent off my 74 factory burst deluxe to BCR Greg for a set of humbuckers, she already had a headstock repair so I have no issue changing to a more robust tone...
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    MLP Veterans Thread

    1st armored division A Co. 2/37 Armor. Dinotanker....
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    Call Greg over at BCR he may be interested.
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    WTF Is Wrong With People

    Their are just to many ...and it's about time for another plague.
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    Rockin' on a Dual Showman Reverb

    Converted my old DS, took the chassis and placed it in an old twin box with some vintage alnico Jensens ...rock n roll....
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    Weekends ...Bar ...You ...

    Flagler beach , I go to listen to bands.
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    To Anyone Who Has Played a Vintage Les Paul

    Played many , own several.
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    TV Yellow Refin?

    or under the finish on the body...
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    TV Yellow Refin?

    I don't see any red filler in any of these shots on my TV yellow special
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    The Expanse is BACK!!!!

    Watched it before it came out on prime, cool series. been binge watching "Shameless" recently....
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    Magnatone Super Fifteen

    At least the wiring isn't the rats nest like in the original Magnatone amps..Those were great old amps but my god the wiring was a nightmare...
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    School me on Gretsch please

    1960 era 6120 body with a Gibson ES 347 neck...I don't know why ,possibly neck scale , but this guitar has a growl like no other Gretsch I have played...

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