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    Epiphone Factory Code

    Seen a few of these on ebay, advertised as Epiphone Les Paul standard.
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    Thanks everyone.
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    Does anyone think this could be a fake?
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    Potentiometers how to move them

    YOU'RE, as in you are..............
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    Question for Casino Coupe owners ..

    You need one of those long things with a handle on the end to adjust it.
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    Jimi had the right idea, burn the ******* thing. I hate Strats too. Love Teles though.
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    LP Standard with 3 pickups

    It's poorly done I agree.
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    LP Standard with 3 pickups

    Were these ever made?
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    This Epi is calling me:

    I had one of these and regret selling it. Fantastic Guitar and I will get another one.
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    50 vs 59

    69 ah my fave number. :naughty:
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    New Tuners for 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

    Those tuners are decent quality and I would leave them on. You don't need locking tuners if you know how to properly string your guitar.
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    why buy a Gibson?

    The cost is not an issue for me so I buy Gibson. I like Epiphone but Gibson has that bit extra IMO.
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    This epiphone is fake or legit?

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    Painted headstocks, like 'em?

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    Question regarding variation in body thickness on Epi LP

    Talking Guitars, whatever next.

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