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    NGD - 2014 Epiphone Les Pul Traditional Pro

    Congratulations on a beauty! Enjoy! I had a 2014 but sold it due to 2 issues: 1. The neck was way too thin (for me) - after some research I think mine may have been an oddity. 2. Sharp fret ends. Pick-ups were fantastic though!
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    Since aesthetics is the issue here, the pau ferro fretboard looks far worse than the clipped-ear headstock.
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    Used Epi LP 1960 Tribute Plus vs New Limited Edition Studio Deluxe

    In my mind, no comparison. New Studio Deluxe: $350. Add case $100+/- = $450+/-. Tribute Plus: $550 (?). Includes case, Gibson P’ups, Switchcraft, Mallory, long tenon. (Age not a concern if all looks well) $550 - $450+/- = $100+/- If you CAN’T swing the extra $100, used Studio Deluxe: $279.99+/-.
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    Epiphone Probuckers-Anyone order them on ebay/reverb? legit?

    Did not know this. Thanks for the info!
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    Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO upgrade harness?

    What he ^ said. My '99 MIK SG is stock, less a new bridge and bone nut, and performs flawlessly. A shot of cleaner about 3 years ago is all it has needed.
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    P/U Question On New (to me) Samik LP Std

    I have those tuners on my '99 G-400 and they are just fine. Can't see why you would need to change them, unless of course they are worn out.
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    What is the general opinion on Indonesian Epiphones ?

    My 2014 Indonesian Trad Pro had as good a build as I have ever seen ........ except for the neck. Neck was too thin and fret ends too sharp to be playable for me. Sold it for those reasons.
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    Slim Neck vs Fat Neck Epi LPs

    If you're looking for a Trad Pro, make sure you play before you buy. I bought a new 2014 Trad Pro (1st generation) online and it had the thinnest neck I've ever played. Brought it to Guitar Center to compare with a Trad Pro II and couldn't believe the difference. Sold it for that fact. But my...
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    Thick neck Epiphone LP

    Yeah, I think I've figured out my thin neck was unique to 2014, or just my guitar. I agree with you Les that the PUs are great! I'd still have this guitar if it wasn't for the neck. *** Wine Red Pro II Musician's Friend stupid deal right now $349.99***
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    Thick neck Epiphone LP

    The "new" Standard and Trad Pro II were both much thicker than my 2014 Trad Pro. I even showed it to the salesman (he actually liked my thinner neck better - to each his own). Yeah, sounds like your finish may be a QC problem. I actually loved the finish on mine. The satin neck on my Larrivée...
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    Thick neck Epiphone LP

    Late to the show here but if you’re still searching, contrary to other posts my 2014 Trad Pro (I) had the thinnest neck I’ve ever played. Felt like a toothpick in my hand. I brought it into Guitar Center and compared it to a Trad Pro II and a Standard. Just eyeballing them side-by-side the...
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    Saddles, shot?

    I put a Tone Pros metric bridge on my Epi SG and it was a direct drop-in using my existing posts (bridge came w/posts but didn't need them). Didn't modify the starter slots and have never had a string pop out. More saddle adjustment travel for intonation and much more solid and stable than...
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    Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO-III Plus

    Bought my 2014 model in 2016 for $330. Sold it last week on Craigslist for $400. (Neck was too thin)
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