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    Stop Plucking the Penis Plant!!!!!

    I just want to know what people are doing with these things after they pick them. Come to think of it - maybe I don't want to know . . . .
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    No problem - he can have that fixed for $500 and be back on the road by the weekend.
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    Steven Tyler falls off the wagon…

    Never personally having had a drug or alcohol problem, I can only begin to imagine how hard it is to kick such a habit - especially at his age. I sincerely hope that he can overcome his demons, but having read Joe Perry's autoboigraphy, I can't say that I'm particulalry surprised that he is...
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    Les Paul Custom is #1. What kind of guitar should be #2?

    I'm with Filter - something with P90's should be seriously considered. If you can find one, I would highly recommend one of the Epi 'Inspired By 1955 Les Paul Custom' models . . . with Gibson pickups, same beautiful 'Custom' looks, and great overall quality - they are killer guitars.
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    First time I've seen one flying

    Whenever I am at the airport I love to go somewhere and simply watch the planes take off . . . it never gets old and I am alaways amazed that something that big and heavy can get off the ground.
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    We all know Tyson, but dayummm

    If Tyson has been able to keep his head screwed on straight, he could have been in a historical class with the likes of Dempsey, Louis, Marciano and Ali. In his heyday he was unbelievable.
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    Thinking about giving an SG another shot

    Maybe hard-to-believe, but true . . . . About 10 years ago I wandered into a pawn shop and saw an Epi 400 hanging on the wall for $70. Even before I laid hands on it, I somehow knew that there was something special about the guitar. Long story short - a few years back a guy I knew was...
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    Haha, moron.

    Mom and dad must be so proud of having TWO losers in the family.
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    Les Paul 12-String

    In my almost never-ending search for new and 'different' guitars, I have suddenly delveloped an interest in a Les Paul 12-string. (I had the opportunity to pick up a goldtop version a few years back, but never pulled the trigger.) It appears as though there has not been a discussion on these...
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    What vegetable are we hating on this week?

    Off the top of my head - I'll take the artichoke's, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce . . . all other vegetables can become extinct.
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    Any non-sexual non-guitar fetish you have?

    In short - ever since I was 5 years old, I have been a 'collector' on MANY things . . . various sports paraphernalia, records, coins, beer bottle caps, guitars, shot glasses, books, etc. (To be clear, I have always been a 'collector' and not a 'hoarder' - all of my collectios are neat...
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    NGD x2 Ebony Boards

    Why do people keep posting photos of gorgeous black Custom's, right after I have convinced myself that I don't really need one? Here we go again . . . .
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    FDA panties

    I'm just glad to learn that my hard-earned tax money isn't being foolishly spent on ridicilous things . . .
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    I havent posted a "shitty bar owner" thread in a while.

    Okay - not a bar, but a coffee shop. Years ago I was playing in an acoustic trio and we got a gig at a local coffee shop. No pay, just tips. Before we stared playing the manager came to us and said; 'If you guys want to grab something out of the cooler when you take your break, feel free' . ...
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    This says it all ...

    The Captain goes down with the ship . . . I'll be right in the middle, playing my Rickenbacker and singing 'Light My Fire'.

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