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    Looking for a new versatile amp.

    I’ve got my eye on one of these. Very versatile, MESA reliable, great looking and sounding amp! And now that MESA has an EU distributor, price has come way down.
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    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    Just another reason I never buy anything on Reverb. Don’t you love how every seller has positive reviews?
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    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Well, I guess these Murphy Labs are not Murphy proof :rofl:
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    How to store a LP without the stand leaving marks in the neck?

    My older Hercules wall mount holders did not come with those extra rubber pads. I wonder if they’d sell them separately?
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    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    I wouldn’t buy one from Norm’s if that is what you mean. I have been there many times and most of the guitars I picked up were banged up worse that Guitar Denter! Now Mark would have given you a bit of a discount when he was there but I don’t know about now. I actually saw Norm buy used or...
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    NGD: My first R8

    :wow::wow::wow: Well enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Good luck with your sales. This guitar has one of the nicest tops I’ve ever seen on a Brazilian Rosewood run!
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    WTB Digitech Mosaic pedal.

    Anyone have one of these they are not using much and willing to sell? Thanks
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    Flame Top on This?

    Yup...Duane’s Lester’s little brother....
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    SOLD>>>Brand New - King of Tone

    It is people buying two and selling the other trying to make a profit that has created this 2 yr waiting period. Sound familiar?
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    Please tell me somone else can see this lmfao

    Did you buy it from from Stich?:rofl:
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    Perfectionism with my guitar collection drives me crazy

    You’re not alone, I’m sure of this. Like millions of people, you may be suffering from OCD. Some people really have it bad which can make their lives miserable. Sometimes it is just a mild case. If it is bothering you enough there is help out there if you want it. Talk to your Dr. As...

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