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    Tutorial on Japanese guitar auctions and importing?

    I bought a Gibson Custom Shop guitar from Nico Nico Guitars in Tokyo in 2019 and they took care of CITES forms and all the shipping for me. If you are buying more high end U.S. made guitars I can highly recommend them. They also speak English. You will not get "ripped off" going through their...
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    What is the root cause of GAS?

    Not enough sex...
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    One of the most beautiful goldtops I´ve seen.

    Wow! It is nice to see a 50's Les Paul without decades worth of sweat, DNA, grime and linseed oil on the fretboard. You can actually see.the grain clearly!
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    AnalogMan King Of Tone

    Of course, the proverbial “ Elephant in the room” regarding this long wait are the assholes that are buying them just to resell them and make a profit. Greed is always at root of the World’s problems.
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    First ding on my R9

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    What is this written on the inside of my control plate?

    Great stuff! :applause::applause::applause:
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    What is this written on the inside of my control plate?

    Great thread! I'm from Akron OH originally and I think Joe lived in the Akron/Canton area for a while. I've been told that Lay's Guitar Shop in Akron worked on some of his guitars, more specifically, the '59 Les Paul he gave to Jimmy Page. You could send Dan Shinn ( the current owner) those...
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    Best overdrive to go into slightly overdriven tweed

    +1 on the Timmy. Not the MXR licensed version though. Plenty of used V2 and V3 Timmy's out there.
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    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    Thanks. I'm bad about this sometimes
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    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    That's great but I would still confront them about this deal. I wonder how much they will sell that vintage Epiphone for and the other guitar you traded? Tell you want to keep the guitar but you would like some cash back at least, since it is not a Brazilian model.
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    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    Ouch! Man take it back and make them comeclean on this 'deal'! They are supposed to be a reputable dealer but ....?? These are strange times we are all going through right now. Like so many other businesses out there, they may be hurting right now. Please do not let them get away with this!
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    Do you play along with songs?

    +1. If you already have a Katana you don’t need a Spark really.

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