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    PSA: Willcutt's Sell One Month Old Used Murphy Lab Defect as New

    :wtf: “I paid a ton of $$$ for a guitar that is supposed to look old and beaten up - HOW DARE YOU actually make it old and beaten up… “ the stupidity is beyond comprehension.
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    The Ultimate Clean Machine?

    Not my picture but Two Rock Traditional Clean:
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    Is this normal? Neck Pickup ring bends a little

    This is pretty common on Gibson LP’s. Don’t let everyone tell it’s not. They do conform over time - is it ideal? No but I’ve seen it more than a dozen times in LP’s I’ve owned. I have a 2020 50’s standard that has it.
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    The R9 Second Hand Market...

    Golden rule… he who has the gold, makes the rules. Just wait til people/economies are harder up for cash - should be sooner rather than later if socialists continue to have their way :applause: all this money printing has consequences. IMO, we are in the “eye of the storm” currently.
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    Gibson Exclusives Collection - who needs olive drab?

    Olive is cool but wouldn’t spend a lot on one since you’d probably lose value - I wish Gibs wouldn’t go back to trendy stuff and just make awesome guitars for a bit before they get ahead of themselves. Focus on the basics and all that.
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    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    Used 2019/2020 LP 50’s Standard…period.
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    Gibson or another Epiphone?

    Have had no major issues with Gibson QC lately- complaining and piling on seems to be a modern illness (Nickelback, Gibson, etc). Gibson is not PRS quality but they are still great IMO. Just don’t be a nit picky d*#ck head and you’ll be happy. If you want a sterile guitar with no signs of a...
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    Murphy Lab Quality Issues

    “I want the most accurate vintage relic’d LP I can buy” ... “How dare Gibson send me an LP that isn’t perfect!”
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    Thoughts on this fretboard?

    My 2020 ES-335 has a “rough” board straight from the factory... dry too. It’s feels noticeable but not terrible - Gibson has a tendency to leave tool marks on their boards (probably a poor production process they never fix). Interestingly, Phil McKnight of Know Your Gear had the exact same...
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    Found out that coated strings don't ground to the bridge well

    I can confirm this as an issue: Have a 2020 Les Paul Standard 50's on which I was getting an irritating crackling static only when I slid up and down the wound Polyweb Elixir strings. After much research and testing for continuity with my Fluke multimeter, it seems the coating on the Elixir...
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    PRS: I may have been mistaken

    Hated PRS at first. Couldn’t connect w/em. Didn’t like the birds or flamey tops. Got a Silver Sky (great guitar). Led me to P245 Semihollow w/Piezo (even better). Led me to a McCarty 594 (WOW). Own many nice LP’s & CS Strats - love em’ but the PRS quality, tone build is above all - there’s just...
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    Before you swap out your Burstbuckers...

    Coming from the premise: Trying to make a BAD sounding pickup sound GOOD: Had a Gretsch whose pickups sounded muddy. Tons of advice swearing up and down that if you remove three of the pole screws on each pickup, the sound would be so much better. Bullshit! Spent too much time pulling the screws...
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    Never liked the bling of PRS & never connected with the few S2's I owned. But bought a Silver Sky - liked it alot - then bought a McCarty 594 and was hooked (the best guitar i've ever owned/played). The McCarty pushed my LP's out & I recently purchased a P245 - an incredibly nice guitar. I still...
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    Like a $299 MSRP Strymon pedal for $275 used (w/o warranty)? Just buy new IMO.
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    Sweetwater down to their last in stock Gibson electric guitar

    I guarantee you everybody is bitching about low supply but If I post my $3000 PRS or Gibson on FB Marketplace or Craigslist, it will sit there for 6+ months. Nobody has cash, they all have credit cards.

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