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  10. Goldtop75

    SD Seth Lovers

    Thanks... what's Meddle?:hmm:
  11. Goldtop75

    SD Seth Lovers

    SH55s are the way to go for SDs IMO. (I didn't like the Antiquities I got, and they sounded more organic than the BB Pros or the 57 Classics.) I've had these in exactly what you have, a Les Paul 2010 (2008 model) Chambered guitar. And here's how they sound...
  12. Goldtop75

    NAD. My first Marshall in 20 years...

    it beats ANY Les Paul I've ever tried...:naughty:
  13. Goldtop75

    NAD. My first Marshall in 20 years...

    What did you do to get that? I've been trying to search for this, but haven't found much info. Care to share? No, though they are the new distributor for Marshalls. I got it from Davis.
  14. Goldtop75

    NAD. My first Marshall in 20 years...

    I got this about 2 weeks ago... didn't even know it existed! Damn! where have I been? This is my first Marshall in 20 years. previously I used (my first "good" amp) a Marshall Valvestate 8020. it was great because GnR were all the rage back then (1994), and this gave me as close a tone as...
  15. DSL15C + Schroeder

    DSL15C + Schroeder

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