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    Sidewynder pickups???

    Has anyone used or is anyone using sidewynder pickups?? If so what do people think??
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    Sidewynder pickups???

    So who has them??? What do you think??? I have just got a specially made set of p90s made by these guys (they dont actually make p90s) and they are sublime!!! Just wanted to see what others thoughts are on them
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    neck pickup to much bass

    i wonder if someone could give me a bit of advice i have rewired my epi lp plus top to the 50s wiring spec with a .022 and .015 pio caps the pickups are seymour duncan an sh2 and sh4 i love the treble pickup its unreal but the neck pickup is just to bassy whats the best way to sort this issue...
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    Can you help me

    have you got one that is wired with a 50s wiring harness
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    Can you help me

    any one out there who can help really want to get this done this evening so i can start enjoying it
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    Can you help me

    im using a SD sh-4 and sh-2 i have got the middle lug of the push/pull pot soldered to the soldered to the pot and wire from middle lug to bottom pin of push/pull is that what you mean?
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    Can you help me

    ok this is what i have up to this point its wired the same as the diagram in the link below what i want is a 50s harness with 2 x push/pulls which splits the humbucker to make it a single coil on both humbuckers many thanks By sbray83 at 2012-09-15 JBCS Guitar Wiring Diagrams...
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    Can you help me

    imwiring my les paul standard plus i have followed the diagram exactly but its not spliting the coils on the push pull tone pots can anyone help before i go mad!!!! please
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    need help with wiring coil split 50s harness any one available???

    i have been re wiring my epiphone standard plus i have done the harness and wired it exactly to the diagram i have trouble is when pull the push/pull pot to split the coils nothing happens the sound doesnt change
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    Finish Care and Feeding

    i have to agree with barcham here autoglym super resin polish has got to be the best thing about for polishing guitars it gives a beautiful deep shine and makes the neck a lot less sticky, also use it on your car and give it a new lease of life lol i certainly wouldnt put pledge3 on my...
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    epiphone elite ebay uk

    yeah tell me about it i did check if i could spare the cash but no joy it didnt sell either a real shame!
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    epiphone elite ebay uk

    theres a nice elite on ebay half hour left £450 no bids someone might be interested Epiphone Elite Les Paul Standard Plus | eBay
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    Somewhat unusual Epiphone

    so what was the verdict on the OP??? i have als o got a epi les paul with the epiphone inlay in gold, does anyone have anymore info on these??
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    Headstock inlay different

    will see what i can do lol
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    NGD...but what is it?

    yeah i was thinking of getting a custom one but then i want to try and keep it original niceone let me know when your done with the modding many thanks

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