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    Looking for my missed-out 2018 R9 Brazilian serial 98305

    Hope you can track it down........a rare beastie for sure.
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    NGD '14 Nashville 335 '59

    Well when I started out looking for one at pretty much the beginning of the lockdown I was looking for a fat necked '58.......but after a while of hunting for a used one around the globe none were to be found. The Memphis CS closed in early '19 and that's where those ones were produced. There...
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    NGD '14 Nashville 335 '59

    Got this one in from Tokyo last week. Has the fat neck .963 1st and 1.03 12th fret with medium shoulders and a wider fretboard than my R6 and R8.... so good and beefy in my hand which is exactly what I was after. 8lb 3oz. Changed the pup covers after the pic was taken to matte nickel ones and...
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    Incoming Marshall 1973x

    A pic finally of the '73 and '74X. I'm not the best pic taker but you can see the difference between the two being quite marked. This was taken when I first got the '73 in late January, since then I've aged the '73 with shellac on the white piping(as on the '74) and also shellaced the Marshall...
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    '61 SG | '58 ES 335 | '65 Firebird - what's not to like?

    Been religiously watching Tom's vids in the lockdown and that's why I got my sunburst 335 recently...….just too good a sound not do something about in these very different days. Been hankering for one since I was a kid!! A bucket list guitar.
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    What is "tube tone"???

    It's the ringing tone and chime of the tubes and the sag you get with a tube rectifier........they're just a more flexible amp than a solid state unit I find...........and a way better overdriven sound that's controllable.
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    Singlecut54 - Terry Morgan

    The carve, the great honey gold finish............I'm going to have to get a hold of one of Terry's LPs and play it sooner or later........... the ones that I've seen recently look outstanding :cool:
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    2013 R9 Questions

    2012 laminated fretboards...........not sure that anyone would have had an issue with's just the fact that the CS did that which beggars belief. Left all of us purists and guitar lovers wondering...........why??....... and the prices of them plummeted as a result.
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    Confusion over 2018 R8

    A '17 is a better and more vintage correct historic than a 2008, no plastic condom on the truss rod being a main improvement.
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    Closest Peter Green LP when I talk to God I know he understand he say you stick by me I'll be your guidin' hand...........a great song for sure :cool2:
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    A seriously aged 2014 - R8 VOS

    Congrats and welcome to the forum.....that's a real good looking R8:cool2: The aging on your one is par for the course for a VOS and not as dramatic as a Tom Murphy aged instrument. Another good thing about these LPs (since 2013) is that a truss rod condom(a plastic covering) was not added as...
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    Singlecut54 - Terry Morgan

    Sorry to hear of this.....praying for him and his family.
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    Closest Peter Green LP

    Thanks Rudi, I had a good close up colour poster when I was a kid (taken about '68/69) of PG playing the LP and of course the colour of it was vibrant back then. Guess I should have picked that with the vol/tone knobs. Sorry to hear about Terry.
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    Closest Peter Green LP

    Thanks Rudi, today I got some pics on the LPF re the Green LPs neck and it looks like the size of say a '56/57 vintage LP so not 'tree trunk' as PG said all those years ago. So these other Greeny's are??? and they do look spot on don't they.
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    Closest Peter Green LP

    Okay Rudi, are they Bartletts???

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