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    Fattest sounding P90 pickup? Maybe a P100?

    Check out the Rio Grande Bluesbar, I went through quite a few p90s looking for a warmer bridge pickup and this was the answer for me.
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    Anyone know about Warehouse speakers?

    I have a 2x12 cab loaded with two ET65's. Absolutely love those speakers. They work exceptionally well with my Fuchs ODS as well as my JTM45. They do have a somewhat darker character but I tend to dislike bright speakers.
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    My Bacchus Live Roads

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    My Bacchus Live Roads

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    My Bacchus Live Roads

    Sure thing. The necks are very comfortable, I'd say that they sit somewhere between a Gibson 60's and 50's profile.
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    My Bacchus Live Roads

    Yep, both of mine are pre serial.
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    My Bacchus Live Roads

    Very nice!
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    My Bacchus Live Roads

    Just wanted to share my two Live Roads. These are easily my two favorite Les Pauls that I have ever owned. (And I've owned a good bit!)
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    NAD: Fuchs Overdrive Supreme HRM

    Thanks, it really does sound phenomenal. There are a LOT of ways to tweak this thing, I can already tell there will be a substantial learning curve to dialing it in. The good news is I've yet to discover a bad sound in it!
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    NAD: Fuchs Overdrive Supreme HRM

    Yep, a truly inspired builder but probably suffered from serious social anxiety issues, which in turn kept him from realizing the brand's full potential.
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    NAD: Fuchs Overdrive Supreme HRM

    Just picked up an amp I've been eyeing for a long time now, a Fuchs ODS HRM (Hot Rubber Monkey). I've only got a couple of hours in with it so far but it is by far the most dynamic, touch sensitive amp I've ever played through. Clean to singing overdrive can both be had just by adjusting pick...
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    New (used) autographed PRS

    Very cool! I really like those, I played a Korina one a while ago and almost pulled the trigger.
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    Prs ngd

    Congrats! Love the color!
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    NGD: Charvel Guthrie Govan

    Wow, that is killer! Congrats!
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    New PRS On The Way

    Thanks, guys! I'm really getting along well with it, my other guitars are getting jealous!

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