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    Canceled gigs

    Yeah, I am up to 29 canceled gigs since March. From playing 2 gigs every weekend, we are lucky to play 1 or 2 in a month.
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    Deluxe Reverb Speaker Suggestions? (solved)

    I have the original Jensen from my 64 DR. When I first got the amp, I played a few gigs then replaced the speaker with the 12F150. I didn't want to blow out the original speaker so I put it away, in a box. Been gigging with the Weber for the last ten years now.
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    Where's Phaez?

    I also have a JTM 18 i bought used from a member here. Killer amp.
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    How much does your Historic weigh?

    My 99 R7 weighs in at 9 lbs. 3.5 oz
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    You Wreck Me

    Finally, after nine long years, someone confirms I'm not crazy. I can leave my basement now. Tom's dead? Oh yeah, what the hell does covid mean?
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    Why is ZZ Top More Famous Than Mountain?

    Mountain's intros are too long...
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    Antiquities spacing, advice please.

    There is not a thing wrong with the pole to string alignment on your neck pickup. They don't have to precisely bisect the pole. If you want to shift the pickup in the ring, just crank down the two adjustment screws to get the pickup to raise up out of the ring a bit and just push it to the left...
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    So, I Finally Figured Out Set-Up

    Yeah, the internet didn't even exist back when we had to figure this stuff out. All we had was music stores, other players and Guitar Player magazine. lol To learn songs we just had to drop the needle on the record over and over. I read some interview with Greg Allman where he described when...
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    So, I Finally Figured Out Set-Up

    Starting out around 10-12 years old, my first guitar was a Silvertone 1446 with a floating bridge and a Bigsby trem. For tuning I had an A440 tuning fork. I've done setups by sight, sound and feel ever since. Oh yeah, and walking to school was uphill both ways.
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    Is this a floating bridge like on a violin?

    This is my very first guitar. Got it brand new under the tree one morning in the 60s. Came stock from Sears with Gibson minis and Bigsby tremolo. It has a floating bridge. As a kid I did the little scratch thing with a razor blade. Once i got it intonated correctly, I got in the habit of...
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    How did this get past the proof readers?

    ...and I'll guarantee there were probably ten other similar errors in the body of the story. It's embarrassing to read news stories anymore. Most read like they were written by a grade school kid, and these are highly educated journalists.
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    You guys know everything else so...picks

    I've gigged for the last 10 years, using only bone picks I got from Rocky Mountain Slides. Never wear out and get a great sound and attack with the strings.
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    Found some old tubes

    What I thought. Thanks for looking.
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    Found some old tubes

    Found a box of tubes the other day at an antique mall. I only know about the type of tubes that are in my old Fender amps (6V6, 12AX7 etc.). Was wondering if any of these tubes were worth going back to retrieve? I think they were something like 4 bucks a piece. Thanks.

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