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    NGD - 2016 Standard T

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD Traditional

    Very nice congrats.
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    Mojo overdose. My battered 92

    Nice mojo.
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    Gibson Classic Truss Rod Cover

    If you can't find one Philadelphia Luthier can make one for you.
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    NGD x2!

    Very nice congrats.
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    Gibson has created a "Greeny" replica
  7. Gibsonrocknroll

    Honey Tribute or Yellow special?

    Since you have a standard I would keep the yellow special.
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    Les Paul Recording 1974 refin or not?

    I would leave it the way it is.
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    NGD...NW: Wildwood Select 50's in Unburst

    Beautiful congrats :applause:
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    NGD 2020 Classic HB

    Very nice congrats.
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    "Kill-switch"(ON / OFF - non-momentary) ideas for a Les Paul Junior?

    Just roll the volume off or if you want to spend money get a volume pedal.
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    Ordered the Junior

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD - 2020 Les Paul Special

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD - 2020 Standard 60s Unburst

    Very nice congrats.

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