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    NGD: Gibson CS Alex Lifeson Axcess

    Very nice congrats.
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    Question about Gibsons mahogany wood
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    Nov 28 new guitar day

    Very nice congrats.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Dave Mustaine Les Paul 2023
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    New 50's gold top day!! Gold top family photo!

    Congrats on your new GT. Very nice collection.
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    Value check: Collector's Choice #43 Mick Ralphs

    It looks like the same guitar was sold by The Music Zoo at some point. The price was $7,499.00. It doesn't show a date when it was sold.
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    Reverb vs Ebay as a seller

    The guy was a total tool. He knows what he did was wrong but I was also wrong for not reading Reverb's rules. It cost me $20. Lesson learned. Reverb is all about the buyer. The day the pedal was returned they refunded the buyer and charged me $20 for the return. The following day I relisted the...
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    Reverb vs Ebay as a seller

    I listed a Catalinbread pedal on Reverb. It was brand new in the box. I purchased the pedal but decided to go in a different direction. The pedal was sold in one day. I shipped the pedal out the following day. I received an email from the buyer that he wanted to return the pedal because I was...
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    Standard mods to your Les Pauls?

    The only thing stock on my les pauls are the body and neck. Everything has been replaced from the tuners, electronics, plastics, you name it.
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    NGD…I couldn’t resist!

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD 2018 Classic in Pelham Blue

    Very nice congrats.
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    Removing stand rash

    I don't think that will buff out. it will probably need to be refinished or just live with it.
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    NGD: 2016 Traditional Plus (video included)

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD - Gary Moore Tribute LP (owned by Gary)

    Very nice congrats.

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