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    NGD: 2016 Gibson R8 Bourbon Burst

    Beautiful congrats.
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    NGD - LP Special

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD - 2018 ES275 Custom Sunburst...

    Very nice congrats. You need to spray those clovers. They will take over your grass.
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    How much would you pay? 2016 trad with neck repair

    $1000 with the original case if you are going to keep it. If you think you are going to sell it in the future I would pass on it. If I was you I would wait and save your money and buy something else.
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    Silverbust Studio worth $399 if...

    Grab it.
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    New Junior day!

    Very nice congrats.
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    NGD Classic

    Very nice congrats.
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    The Sun is Out!

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    NGD: Crazy Premium Plus Top Standard

    Very nice congrats.
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    Would you sell....

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    NGD: 2018 Les Paul R9 bourbon

    Beautiful congrats.