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    EU sellers' thread

    This is one rare cool guitar, Gibson les Paul aged by Nicholas Rivera, the work he has done is so amazing. Tbh its better than any Gibson custom shop. Its 58 Historic reissue. This guitar has been aged very slowly, no rush and lots of patience, a year to be exact. In that time she has been...
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    New Rockumentary film

    should be ok now
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    New Rockumentary film

    Hi guys please check out the new promo for the film 7 Lox Rok, which I'm the lead guitarist in. I doing all the music in this also.
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    UK sellers thread

    2014 Gibson les paul custom shop 1956 lemondrop, hand picked to match colour of page 49 of beauty of the burst, p90s mint cond is tone monster. Nice subtle flametop. Gorgeous guitar. Possible swap for other Gibson les paul or vintage Gibson. 3600
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    UK sellers thread

    Hi are you interested in a swap for a 2001 Prs singlecut? its rare nice blue flametop back and sides is black. Exe cond orig case sounds amazing

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