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    Favorite Music Streaming Service..

    Apple Music. Not saying it's the best but it's definitely my favorite. I run an all-Apple ecosystem so it only makes sense. Between my iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac everything feels more seamless. AirPods work great. I see Spotify finally added Siri support, before that only AM offered...
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    Win 10/ Microsoft crapped out my desktop

    I think 8GB will soon be the bare minimum, not 4GB, if it's not already to that point. I don't recommend any less than 8. For most uses 8GBs is fine, however I think 16GB is the most future proof. If you are like me and want speed on top of speed 16GB is the way to go. That's what my current...
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    Pedal Acquisition Syndrome PAS group

    I've been on an 80s binger. Chorus, delay, reverb, all of it. I've been looking at old racks of the LA session cats and also been on a David Gilmour kick lately. I'm also on a BOSS pedal kick. I've been looking at old discontinued BOSS pedals. I've been wanting a BOSS Dimension C DC-2w Waza...
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    Gear addiction ...

    I have terrible GAS. I took some Beano, but that only made me think about Sunburst Les Pauls and Marshall Bluesbreaker amps... I need to try some Gas-X....
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    Oh absolutely. That's the theme song for my relationship with effects and pedals...:laugh2:
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    Both for different reasons. I love straight up classic rock simplicity AND I love the heavy effects usage by David Gilmour, The Edge, Jonny Buckland, etc. So I like tube tape echos, analog bucket brigade delay, and digital delay. It's all good! I love analog delay, but only for a short slapback...
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    What are your must own albums?

    It would probably tickle you then that when I first tried to buy an original pressing on vinyl, when I opened it up one side had In Through The Out Door, and the other side had Presence. I got so excited it was an original first pressing of PG. But no, some jackwagon had to put those two in the...
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    What are your must own albums?

    While I do understand Mal's rules, it's hard for me to do even just 5 desert island albums. I have big hands so I should be able to grab 10 records on the way out of the door. :laugh2: If you must, just think of the top 5 and forget the rest. :thumb: Here goes. 1. Hotel California - Eagles 2...
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    498t ?

    I actually like the 498 best in a....Stratocaster. Eekkk! I love it in a Strat. No coil split, no nothing. Bridge pickup, always humbucker. As a single hum guitar like a superstrat or with two singles or with a 490 humbucker in the neck and a single in the middle. I think it's EQ lends itself...
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    Think we take this tone thing a little too far?

    Personally, no. Everybody is different, though! I found out long ago that I wouldn't be a technically pristine player, and I also learned a long time ago I never wanted to be one. All of my favorite guys are blues/classic rock guys. Even in bands like Aerosmith, I'd always gravitate more to the...
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    Pedal Acquisition Syndrome PAS group

    Hey all, just checking in to say hello. I don’t get around these parts as often anymore, but I still love this thread and the community within. Social media (Instagram especially) is where I tend to hang out, and Facebook groups occasionally. I’m glad that others have picked up where some of us...
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    That Guitar You Still Can't Believe You Own?

    Can I pick two? My 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cut and my 1964 Gibson SG Special - both in my favorite flavor cherry red... Still pinch myself!
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    I gotta fly to Wisconsin to work on a Windows NT PC

    Have heard it many times. "It works, why pay for a new version". Ugh. But if/when it goes t!ts up, it's your hind on the burner, not the CEO/exec. It's always due to legacy software it seems. If they aren't having downtime or the potential for something sudden or urgent, they don't see the...
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    I gotta fly to Wisconsin to work on a Windows NT PC

    NT 4 - hahaha now that's a throwback! Good luck OP. :) Next year Microsoft is End-Of-Life'ing Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and Windows 7. Great OS's, but it's time to move on. The fact that some still use XP and Server 2003 in big business is just astounding. They must pay their admins very...
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    New Outlook at Work-Help?

    O365 as a suite of desktop apps does have a dark mode of sorts, but it sounds like you found that. I don't think they've rolled out a dark reading pane yet. I'm on the Insider builds for O365 Home on my personal PC and I haven't seen it yet. Depending on how "strict" your sysadmin is, you might...

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