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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    I like '59 LP necks with little shoulders. However, I'm fine with most of necks. There is one exception: Very slim necks which are found on many 'Super Strats'.
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    Which burst?

    Well, would you like to look at it or play with it ;)
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    Is this Custom Shop Les Paul Fake?

    Congrats! Nice guitar.
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    Custombucker replacements, which Throbaks?

    Which strings are you using? Try some pure nickel strings, e.g. Pyramid, Kurt Mangan,etc.
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    Custombucker replacements, which Throbaks?

    Did the same on mine: A5 for the Neck PU and A4 for the Bridge PU. Works fine, easy to do and cost efficent.
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    wiring VS pots & pickups to make a guitar clean up well ?

    I have implemented Treble Bleeds for the Neck PU in some of my guitars.
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    Wiring Problem: tone knobs act more like a switch

    I assume it onenof the pots. I never care about vintage correct pots. I would buy new CTS and give the a trial.
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    What current models have 57 paf? Pics

    I have a set of 57/57+ in my '81 Gibson LP Custom and my '76 Ibanez Artist. If you tweek them correctly (height an pole pieces) they sound very good. However, like all PUs, they must fit to the guitar. It is always an experiment. I use in other guitars Barenuckle 'The Mule', Monty's of London...
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    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    Gibson LP Skinnerburst Fender Stratocaster American Standard ES-335 '64
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    New pedal break-in?

    Usually these circuits don't need a special 'burn-in' or the like. Yes, they are analogous circuits and the will change over time (years) a little. There is nothing to worry about.
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    Pots - change volume, tone, or both?

    I use '57 and '57+ in two guitars (LP Custom '81 and Ibanez Artist '76). In both gutars I have 550k Vol and 500k Tone pots but 33nF capacitors instead of 22nF. This works fine for me. I would not dampened the Pickup by changing the Vol pot to approx. 300k — you will loose the 'interesting' mids.
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    How does classic 57’s stand up against other PAF replicas?

    Ich use the 57 and 57+ in a 1981 LP Custom (Tobacco Burst). They work fine and sound good. I've have applied 550k-Vol pots and 500k-Tone pots but the capacitors are 33nF instead of 22nF. The Neck vol pot is equipped with a treble bleed (560pF // 330k). The Neck PU sound bright and full clean and...
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    Round Core or Hex Core Strings on your Les Paul?

    Well, I use different strings (hex, round, Nickel, pure Nickel) on different guitars. It depends on the instrument and its spectral behaviour. Suppliers in use: Kurt Mangan, Ernie Ball, Gibson, Pyramid, GHS. Tip: Buy 5-6 different sets and do a test. Play a set for one day, then change it. It is...
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    ABR-1 Bridge??

    CrazyParts, Germany,
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    Best guitar strings?

    There are no 'best' strings. All manufacturer deliver good quality. Again, its a matter of taste, feel and sound compatibility with your PUs. This is all individual. I use different suppliers on different guitars.

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