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    Yay or nay on decking the stopbar

    Same here. Ol' Joe wasn't the inspiration to try, just people's recommendations and my own curiosity, but my experiece was the same and they are all back where they started.
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    How long does it take a Les Paul to lighten up?

    That's a key thing to remember - the clearcoat is going to yellow a lot faster than the paintjob underneath it is going to lighten, so be prepared for that. I had a 2017 SG Standard in Pelham Blue with the bright white binding and by the time I sold it this past January the binding was already...
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    Poll: wraparound Les Paul Special or lightning bar SG Special

    I faced the same question a little over a year ago. Playing them both resulted in me taking a Les Paul Special home - no contest.
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    Les Paul Standard '50s P-90 - Gold Top - Out of Stock

    For the past year the retailers have been selling out of Gibsons, specifically the Original Series, almost as fast as they can get them in stock. You can check Reverb or some of the smaller authorized retailers if you don't want to wait, or have Sweetwater, etc notify you when they are back...
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    What Is It About The Les Paul That Makes It Special?

    Others have stated it well, but it really is the sum of the parts/sound/feel. Nothing comes close to a Les Paul. I learned how to play guitar on a Les Paul - yes, I was very lucky in that regard - so they have always felt like "home" to me and nothing else is as comfortable or sounds the way I...
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    Polish a LP studio, afraid it get stuck in the wood

    First, welcome. Regarding your questions, no, nothing can get "stuck" as the guitar's finish prevents anything from contacting the wood. Virtuoso is great stuff and is used all the time to restore the finish on vintage instruments. No reason to worry. Not sure what you mean by restored the...
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    Heavy or light versus tone?

    Yeah, it's subjective - everyone's definition of great tone is going to be slightly different. That being said I guess I go against the grain because I tend to feel the heavy ones do sound better...for me. There is a bite to the tone, particularly guitars with an ebony fretboard, and a...
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    Poll: Should Gibson add the Melody Maker to the Original Collection?

    No for me. I think the Juniors are as low as they need to go.
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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    I have been dreaming of the day they return the Custom to its rightful place, in the USA lineup. I'd buy one instantly if they did this. I don't buy into the Custom Shop hype, I've owned them and eventually sold them all, there is just not enough there to justify the cost.
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    Jake Kiszka's Busted '61

    It's all relative I suppose. But the logic of leaving the instrument you've bonded with behind while performing escapes me. It's like telling Yo-Yo Ma to ditch Petunia because it's too darn valuable to perform with. Makes no sense, as the whole point of the instrument's existence is for the...
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    Identification marks?

    That's possible too, but probably not as likely if history is a guide. Either way I will always love them.
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    Identification marks?

    Have you seen what people are asking for early Silverburst Customs lately? It's not going to take nearly another 9 years before they are hitting $10k and more IMO. And they have always been great guitars, there was just that ongoing commonly held "wisdom" that because they were not built just...
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    Here is my refinished Les Paul after 4 months of UV exposure.

    While it's interesting that the experiment "worked" I still can't understand the appeal of artificially aging something.
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    I couldn't be happier with my two "Originals" and planning to add a third (the new Deluxe) as soon as I can get my hands on one.
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    Jake Kiszka's Busted '61

    Zero point owning it if you don't use it as intended IMO. Nothing worse than a case queen or wall hanger, no matter other variables like age or market value: no guitar is more valuable than it is when making music.

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