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    Lumpy Neck

    That reply is a right laugh. Quit dickin' around and get the refund.
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    Gibson “Coil Split”

    I think I remember Gibson saying it was to get a more p90 type single coil sound than a strat type single coil sound. I happen to love the sound of the classic in all positions, really like the humbuckers in it. It's totally subjective thougg and if it's not got what you're looking for then go...
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    Am I the only one? (Stock Pickups)

    I don't mod. I have in the past but with electric guitars there are so many variables between guitars, fx and amps that I just plug in, tweak and play. I switch guitars, tweak and play. Simple as that. Unless something is broken or defective I don't change anything. I am fortunate enough to have...
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    At what age would you leave your kid home alone for a night?

    5 in the street on my own. 8 roaming around town on my own. Key at 10, home alone in the day for a couple of hours. 12 I was bussing around town on my own.13 overnight on my own, 14 + a weekend, 16 a week or so on my own. I live England.
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    Share Your Explorers

    On the left is my brand new Gibson Explorer in Antique Natrual. It's a 2022. On the right is my 2002 in ebony, probably the best playing guitar I have ever laid my hands on, and I've even played 2 bursts. I really like the feel of Gibsons with unbound necks.
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    Can someone verify if the Push/Pull pot behavior is 'normal'?

    It's normal. It bypasses everything regardless of your settings or pick up selection. It wires the bridge humbucker straight to output, bypassing any tone, volume, pickup, phase, split settings.
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    Newly discovered '60 burst at Bristol Guitar Show today - photos

    Walked in to the shop 2 weeks ago and not plugged it in yet?.....yep, bet it's knackered. Hard to get excited by bursts these days, with the over inflated prices for neglected guitars. These guitars haven't been 'affordable' for decades, how do they end up in such bad shape and then be expected...
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    My new Riviera in Royal Tan…

    Congrats on the new guitar. I was torn between the 2 colours. I have just got one in sparkling burgandy. It's nice to see the new models have the inlays installed in the correct orientation, when they first came back out they had them upside down like the new USA Casino. I wonder if the USA...
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    NGD 2021 Gibson 61 SG Standard

    Got this today, brand new. Played it in the shop next to one with a vibrato and preferred the stop tail. Was suprised at how well the vibrato model performed though, not everything you read on the internet is true. This weighs 6lbs 7oz and has a nice slim neck that you can get all the way up on...
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    Is Dave Grohl the new Jon Bon Jovi (circa 1989)?

    You think there's too much Grohl, you create a thread about too much Grohl, you instantly increase the worlds Grohlage. Now we need an anti-Grohl to restore us all back to normal levels of Grohl? Who will be that person? Do you see what you've done here?
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    Gibson Memphis - Hide Glue (2) ???

    If hide glue is used they usually state it as a selling point. I think hide glue is reserved for historic spec models. There was some years I'm sure where they used hide glue on neck joints only. I have a 2014 Trini Lopez and I am sure I read at the time the specs being all tight bond. Don't...
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    Bonamassa @ Red Rocks - 8/8/21

    I like Joe Bonamassa more than his music. Killer player, great gear, but the music is over produced and polished sounding and it just doesn't quite excite me. I prefer his playing when he is just demoing a guitar on his own. I wish he would change his producer and and do something a little more...
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    Hair loss/balding

    Mine has been thinning since 18. Around 26 it became noticeably thinner to me. Around 34 it was progressing rapidly. I am now 36 with a comb over. I am open about my comb over and often show people and they're shocked when they see what I manage to hide. The pressure to 'just shave it off' is...
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    Les Paul Classic Questions?? Weight range??

    I tried four 2020 classics in the shop and bought the lightest one. They ranged from light, to average, to heavy. All 9 hole relief. There's quite a bit of variation regardless of year. I used to want a 'proper' solid LP but these days I want a lighter one purely for the way it makes my back...
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    2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional finish issue.

    If that was my house it would be caused by my wife spraying cleaning chemicals willy nilly.

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